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Charmerly Review

General info: is a dating site and app for 40+ singles owned by Terrasocial Ltd. It serves the clients over 10 years with lots of success stories.

First impression:

The main page of is nice and neat, with elegant design and user-friendly navigation. It has a cute romantic layout and exposes the best quality photos of its members indicating their name and age. One can immediately notice there are Russian/Ukrainian girls in the database. It’s always the strong magnet for male users. The photos are a bit too professional but that’s why they are selected for the front page. It also contains strong promises and guarantees of the qualitative service and safety.charmerly date

Special terms:

Ice-breakers – mass messages and winks that are sent to greet other members and encourage them to check your profile

Validated members – girls who joined the site through the local agencies so their ID and other data is verified

Staff Profiles – a few profiles of the operators and administrators from the Charmerly team who may control the quality and processes by their presence online

Pros and cons:

Among the cons, there is a certain quality of the scammers like everywhere. But it’s easy to detect and report them. All features and functions are basic and not too innovative. It’s a credits-based, pay-per-action site which may not be suitable for some of the users.

The pros of Charmerly app and desktop site certainly prevail since the site has a pleasant design, it is user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Vast database is among its advantages as well: sometimes it’s possible to receive from 1000 to 10000 messages from the women for 1 day! Many foreigners confirm they travelled to Ukraine and met Ukrainian girls who they found through Charmerly, the women appeared real and committed to date seriously. Customer support is quick and helpful here as well.

Pricing: works by the pattern of all millennial dating sites: members have to pay a symbolic monthly fee to be able to purchase the set of credits. There are very different sets priced depending on the number of credits in it. Everyone can give it a try buying the cheapest set of credits.charmerly payments

Free services:

Registration and browsing through the profiles.

Users’ comments:

“ was my first experience online, I didn’t want to start from such huge and doubtful dating monsters as AnastasiaDate. My friend prepared me well to this site so I knew which mistakes I should avoid. Exactly like he said, I was bombarded by women’s letters and chat messages once I joined. To reduce this effect, I removed my profile photo and kept my profile text very brief. I was using the phone Charmerly app too. Soon, I started to receive fewer messages and could chose between them calmly. Of course, if one wants to be polite and answer all of the messages, he will go to a bankruptcy in counted days. At first, only tricky persons were writing to me as they greeted me and behaved like sugarbabies. I just didn’t go forward with them. Finally, I was contacted by several girls who didn’t write to me all those ridiculous My Sweetie! and My Sexy Darling! you know. Just normal letters, where they told me about themselves, their families, and their daily life. Even if the introductory letters were copypasted, which I couldn’t check, all the following correspondence was just ok. They chatted about the same facts we discussed in letters, so those were same persons and not just hired operators. Also they never complained about bad stuff and the absence of the money. Eventually, I decided to fly to Kiev as the most beautiful woman was from there and others agreed to travel from other Ukrainian cities to see me. At the end, only 2 of them appeared and they were pretty cool. I have already heard all the stories about women’s tricks but they didn’t ask the money for taxi and ordered only a modest food in a restaurant… So I finally relaxed and started to enjoy their company. After some time, we found out that one of the women has problems with her child’s documents so she cannot relocate abroad with him. Also we didn’t develop strong feelings with her so we remained friends. As to the second one, she seemed very sincere, she had zero problems with the docs, and her English was perfect so we quickly started to date. Wow! I still cannot believe it finally happened. I don’t know where it leads in future but for now, we are both committed to continue our relationship and eventually marry. As you see, Charmerly isn’t so bad! Thank you guys, I didn’t even expect such a great result of my search. Let’s say my other friend was less lucky.” (Dan, 42, San-Francisco)

“I do not consider myself naive. I perfectly know what to expect from online dating, especially with Russian and Ukrainian chicks. But after making some deeper research, I found out their images and even life stories are simply used by other people, not obligatory from Eastern Europe. That’s why I was very cautious and observant when I joined I know good girls expect men to be soft and romantic, but how can it happen if we just want to protect ourselves from all the fraud on the Internet? Of course, I was strict and analyzing like I’m taking a job interview. Some girls simply disappeared after my list of questions. I was testing them. I didn’t want to develop any feelings until I make sure the woman is real. And I must say I succeeded, at last: it was Tatiana from Dnepr city. She was 41 but looked so youthful and fresh. She answered all of my questions without any problem and was ready to meet. I must say my suspicious and cynical shell finally cracked and we found a common ground. Surprisingly for myself, I became so trusting that I bought her tickets to my city and back! She flew over and we had a marvellous time together. She didn’t try to jump into my bed and become pregnant to hook me up. She behaved like a lady and we could discuss our plans calmly. Her English wasn’t very good but she tried her best. I didn’t even want to let her go. Such women don’t exist in the US anymore. I am going to get her here with me for good in a few months. Well, Charmerly app and site indeed supplies charming women. I think it’s the best decision in my life so far.” (Charles, 53, Detroit)charmerly dating

“I didn’t meet anyone from this site yet but I am quite satisfied with the communication. I see that some women are just flattering me all the time, it’s probably their job. Maybe I am a weirdo but I enjoy their attention, it motivates me psychologically, I even started to work better and clean thoroughly in my room so they can see it tidy in the video chat. I think all women on this site are very feminine. A few others are more serious, they seem to test me and ask me about my future plans all the time, sometimes I don’t know what to answer. They want to meet desperately and don’t require the interpreter between us. Also no financial hints and requests. I really think there are many genuine women on Charmerly app and in any case, all of them are more pleasant to communicate with than our local females.” (Chuck, 46, Seattle)

“My life is quite boring and makes it way better. I chat, video chat, and correspond with the women. Their photos are astonishing, Ukraine seems to be full of models. I ordered the gift delivery a few times and each time I received beautiful photos as a confirmation. It warms me up that I can improve their sad reality. Some women agreed to exchange personal contacts with me and meet. They do not demand anything. That’s why I think it’s a great site for meeting an Eastern European girl. Many of them are mature and know what they want in life. So they are ready to compromise and make it work. I’m sure I won’t find such an attitude here in the US. I am thankful for this chance to meet a good woman and feel a man again. I almost lost this feeling and forgot how to have a zest for life.” (Douglas, 55, New York City)

Final verdict: isn’t focused on 40+ dating only. There are members of different age, from different countries, but 30+ women from Ukraine prevail.

Services and features of the site are very close to those on AnastasiaDate: winks, chat, letters, gifts & flowers delivery. The last option proves the girls are real, but one has to keep on checking whether they are also genuine.

The administration is checking the profiles manually, keeps an eye on the correspondence and chatting, and accepts reports from male users about the inappropriate female profiles. But it cannot be responsible for all girls’ real intentions. One should count on his experience in online dating and consider the following factors:

  • Is the woman’s profile detailed and convincing enough?
  • Is she online from time to time or 24 hours a day?
  • Are her messages personal and substantial or very shallow and vulgar?
  • Does she say the same things and facts during the chat and in letters? Does she always remember what she said before?
  • Is it typical for her to let you go when you need, or keep you online as long as possible? Is she ready to even do vulgar things for that?
  • Does she tell you about her normal and stable daily life, or only about troubles and challenges that demand a lot of money?
  • Does she make constant hints about sending her the gifts? Or maybe the opposite, the delivery service is off for her, although she is available 24/7? Both variants are very suspicious!
  • How does she react on your suggestion to meet in real? Does she avoid the exact dates and promises?

As you can see, safety measures are always the same, like all over the Internet. But if you go through those thorns and detect one or several genuine women, you will be more than rewarded. There are plenty of them on!charmerly about

We conducted our own investigation and made sure this platform is trustworthy and legit. Moreover, otherwise it wouldn’t remain in the market for so long. Some personalities make attempts to take profit out of its popularity and use it as their extra income tool. But if a man is careful enough, the communication on this site leads to real relationships and mutual satisfaction, even marriage.

It is highly recommended to analyze every girl’s photos, texts, and overall behaviour, before making any big steps such as purchasing the airline tickets for you or for her. The site has everything to let you enjoy its services to the fullest, but the common sense is needed.

The classical features of this particular dating site are the best for 40+ men who aren’t after trendy stuff. We recommend Charmerly app and site to all Western men who got tired of their local women’s wrong values and mercenary nature. None chocolate bar or small monetary help to Ukrainian beauty can be compared to thousands of dollars wasted on Western women’s whims and demands. After all, they ruin the marriage and leave with the half of all belongings. Ukrainian girlfriends and wives are much more reliable and sacrificing although there are bad people everywhere.

We rate as a “9.5 stars dating platform” and wish luck to all its members.



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