The art of texting and sexting in dating apps


In this day and age, there is one more way to communicate with others – texting. To be more specific, you not only have to know the art of texting, but also have to master the art of sexting, if you would like to attract countless hot women into your life.

  • When you are texting a woman, don’t answer all her questions. Let’s say you are chatting with a woman that you’ve met on a dating app and she asks you three questions in one message. Now please remember that you don’t have an obligation to answer all her questions. If you answer all her questions in one text, that tells her you are probably needy and don’t have many other options in your dating life. Therefore, a much better way to text her is to answer some of her questions (and leave at least one question unanswered). In this way, she will keep thinking about you because you keep her guessing a bit.texting-a-woman
  • If you would like to sexualise the interaction on a dating app, make sure you know how to do it under the radar. This strategy is also called indirectly sexting a girl. That means you want to sexualise the interaction without directly letting her know your intention. For instance, instead of typing “I have six bottles of wine at home”, you type “I have sex bottles of wine at home” and then you immediately type “Sorry, I mean six bottles. Autocorrect!” Now the hot girl begins to associate you with a sexy guy. How cool is that?! Another example is when she asks you, “What are you doing tonight?” you simply text her, “I just got out of the shower and I’m ready to read a book in bed.” This text message will work well because now this hot woman begins to imagine you having a shower (naked) and going to bed! She will certainly ask you what book you are reading because now she is curious about you! Please don’t tell her that you are reading an erotic book because this is all about the subtle art of texting and sexting! So, you can tell her that you are reading a business book – this will make the sexy woman associate you with ambition and high value, which is exactly the right effect you want to achieve.


  • Only use explicit words when she starts to sexualise the conversation on purpose. You need to be well-calibrated on a dating app. When an attractive woman begins to sext you, you should be able to tell that she is probably more into it than you are. For example, when you see a gorgeous girl’s message “Oh, that’s so sexy” (she clearly enjoys it), you’ll know that she is already thinking of you as a hot guy with sex appeal. Now you can further test her by sending this text message to her, “You mean the way we talk?” Remember: the key word is “we” because you want to include her in it. Usually, when you often use words like “we”, “us” and “our”, the gorgeous woman feels more connected to you. As the saying goes, “Before you touch a man’s heart, you must touch his body; before you touch a woman’s body, you must touch her heart” – you must make the sexy lady feel the emotional connection before you sleep with her, okay? This is how consummate players do when they chat up girls online. If the woman you are talking to on the dating app acknowledges that the way you talk is sexy, you can go further by using more explicit words. If she is okay with that, you may consider having phone sex as well. Perhaps you would be well-advised to know that many women actually want to have phone sex while using adult toys at the same time!you-simply-text
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