Dating Over 50: Is It a Good Idea to Move in with Your New Partner?


In Australia, it’s very common to see couples who have been together for nearly three decades have never lived together. For instance, Kate and Larry (both in their 50s) have been dating since 1992, but they still live separately (in two different houses) & their relationship has been great! You may wonder why, right? In fact, Kate and Larry see each other almost every day, and Kate goes to Larry’s house to stay the night at least once a week. But they choose not to move in & here’s their reasons for senior dating in this way:

Living together means this relationship is actually a marriage which brings more liabilities than benefits. According to the law in Australia, as long as a couple have lived together for at least 12 months, they can apply for property settlement when they break up. Therefore, if Kate and Larry actually lived together for at least one year, they might begin to worry about their finances – and anxiety can lead to problems in a relationship, which may cause a breakup. That’s why not living together actually gives both of them peace of mind, and peace of mind is the most important factor in a person’s health and wellbeing, isn’t it? Experts claim that dating over 50 should be stress-free if people would like to make the most of senior dating. And money problems are usually the No. 1 stress in modern-day society, so why not avoid it in the first place by not moving in with your new partner?mature-couple

Living separately maintains the spark between them. When there is some distance between a man and a woman, the relationship is actually healthier. In contrast, when a man and a woman are too close to each other, there is no room to breathe. Consequently, human nature will probably find a way for them to separate from each other. No wonder the divorce rate is increasing these days. According to Kate and Larry, their relationship is very sustainable because they give each other space by not living together. They still share a lot with each other, but they don’t spend 24/7 together all the time. That’s their secret of keeping their relationship alive and colorful.senior-singles-looking-for-love

Can you afford to live separately? Theoretically, living separately sounds so cool. But realistically, living in two different houses means there are more bills to pay! In other words, you can save money by living together & two people living individually increase their cost of living automatically. As a matter of fact, most senior singles have more money than younger people in the dating scene; thus, the majority of senior singles looking for love can afford to live individually when they find someone suitable. However, if you are a pensioner and don’t have financial abundance, you probably should consider living with your new partner so that your financial stress can be alleviated, which is very important to your health and wellbeing in the long term.true-for-dating-over-50

Living individually is a popular way of being together for senior daters. It is said that having regular sex is one of the benefits of living together. But I have to argue that living together actually doesn’t help you improve your sex life because sleeping in the same bed every night desensitizes your physical desire. Also, when you know you can have sex with your partner any time you want, you tend to make less effort in front of your partner. Yet when you only sleep with your partner once a week, chances are you will want to make an effort to impress your partner. That’s a very good way to improve your sex life. Statistics show that senior daters who live individually have a much lower breakup rate than those who live with their partners. This is very true for dating over 50.mature-couple-dating

If you don’t want to become your partner’s purse or nurse, try not to live together. A very realistic issue faced by senior singles looking for love is that as people get older, their physical health gets worse. As a consequence, when you think you’ve found a good partner on a senior dating site, that person can become sick and need long-term care from you. Are you sure you are ready to do that for 10-20 years? Unless that person is the mother/father of your children, you probably don’t want to do that. (Well, even if that’s the mother/father of your kids, you might still say no.) Hence, if you don’t want to become a nurse, try not to move in with your new partner. Also, if you know your new partner doesn’t have much money and they want to live with you in order to lower their cost of living, then you must be careful – don’t become that person’s purse!mature-mother-date

Even if you decide to move in with your new partner, consulting with a lawyer before doing that is necessary in senior dating. We understand that some senior singles looking for love actually want to find a new partner and live with them. That’s okay! But before joining a free senior dating website, please consult with a lawyer first. There are two reasons: 1) You need to know how to protect your money. Because the breakup rate is quite high in this day and age, your partner may claim half of your money when they leave you. So, you should ask the lawyer to give you legal advice before moving in with your new partner. 2) You need to know how to protect your children’s money, i.e. your money will become your children’s money when you pass away. That means if you live with your partner, will your partner become a member of the beneficiaries in your Will automatically? You can only answer this question after speaking to a lawyer. Therefore, you would be well-advised to invest in good legal advice now. Yes, senior dating isn’t the most romantic thing in the world when it comes to money, but handling your money correctly is the prerequisite of enjoying this new romance!

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