How to become a player and meet singles around the world


The chance for you to become a human being is actually 400 trillion to 1. You are ten times more likely to win the biggest lottery in the world than to become a human being. Therefore, you should cherish each day in your life and actually enjoy it! When you become a tree in your next life, you’ll regret (“I was a human being”) if you don’t savour every minute of this lifetime now. Yes, becoming a player and meeting singles around the world is the single most important thing that you should do now in order to make the most of your colourful life!

  • Travel the world alone. The most obvious way to meet singles all over the world is to travel all by yourself. If you travel with your friends or family, chances are you are trapped by your friends or family – you have to constantly talk to them and look after each other. Basically, you are still thinking like the old version of yourself in a new environment because the conversations still follow the same pattern with the same people around you. Worse still, it’s just harder for you to meet new people when you are travelling with someone. I had a client who literally told me that he didn’t get the girl that he met during a trip simply because that girl was travelling with her cousin (in fact, that girl likes him, too). That means if other people are interested in you, they will probably try not to show their interest because you are not travelling alone.Travel-the-world-alone
  • Download Brilic dating app. Brilic is an international dating app which helps you to meet singles around the world. When you are travelling alone, you can easily download Brilic and join the community where everyone is eager to meet someone new in a new city. In other words, those girls are already interested in meeting somebody like you! For instance, when you visit Moscow, you should join Brilic and meet local Russian girls instantly. Now you’ll never feel lonely, even though you travel alone because these Russian women will entertain you on a daily basis!brilic dating app
  • Your objective shouldn’t be to find a hot woman for one night, but to find a lady who can last for quite a while and give you the consistent girlfriend experience, so that you don’t have to go hunting too frequently when you are living in a new city. There is a common mistake made by players: They just sleep with lots of women and think about their lay count only. However, that’s not the best way to enjoy women at all because it’s a bit like eating one bite of each dish in front of him without actually savouring the taste and flavour. A real player knows the art of playing the field – he always has a consistent girlfriend experience during one period of time so he is not worried about looking for the next victim immediately. If you are a smart guy, you must know this high-level philosophy of playing the field! Yes, you should fully enjoy a dish mindfully before you move on to the next dish!find-a-hot-woman-for-one-night
  • Know your short-term goal, your mid-term goal and your long-term goal. Let’s say your short-term goal is to experience a new sexy girl, then your mid-term goal can be to have 2 or 3 attractive girls on the roster that meets your needs for a time. Also, your long-term goal could be to marry a hot wife who meets all your needs for a lifetime! With this mindset, you will know what to do when you are travelling the world!your-long-term-goal
  • Be strategic. It is said that before you touch a woman’s body, you should touch her heart; before you touch a man’s heart, you should touch his body. That’s actually very true! When you unwrap a woman slowly, you will get real girlfriend benefits in the future. In addition, you can evaluate your own market value based on how hot women react to you. When you are on a date with an attractive lady, make sure you shut the F up and let her talk. In this way, she will feel that she needs to impress you and prove herself. When you get a gorgeous girl to talk about herself all the time, you never have to dig deep because she is doing all the hard work for you already.
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