The best pickup lines for girls that you really want


When you meet a girl that you really like, don’t miss out on this great opportunity because she could be your lover for one night or a long-term girlfriend. You never know! Therefore, it’s always a good idea to chat up a girl that you like whenever you see a hot girl like that. If you don’t do it, you’ll have regrets later!

Wow. What a big crowd!” Use this pickup line when you are standing next to a hot woman at a big party. If the party is huge, this is the perfect pick-up line to use because it doesn’t feel like you are trying to get her (you don’t look thirsty or needy) – it only looks like you are saying something at random. If she likes you, she will keep the conversation going. Hence, this is the most natural way to pick up a girl at a party. You can also use this line when you are standing or sitting next to a sexy girl in a nightclub. It will work as long as you look reasonably attractive in her eyes.

My friends have bought too many drinks. Would you like to help us drink some wine?” If you and your friends are picking up girls as a group, this is the perfect line for you to try. Offering hot women some free drinks is the single best way to get them wet because most men are cheap – they don’t want to spend money on women. But in fact, as long as you can afford a few drinks, this is a great strategy to get attractive women to your table. Once they are sitting at your table, you should know what to do, right? (Oh, in case you don’t know what to do, I still would like to tell you the next step – you keep the conversation going and get the hot ladies to talk more so that they will invest in you more. If the interaction seems to be positive, you and your friends can physically escalate on these sexy women. Honestly, women are also looking for men in nightclubs. Otherwise, why would they put on heavy makeup and wear revealing clothes in a nightclub? They crave male attention! Due to the #METOO movement, more and more men don’t have the courage to physically escalate on women nowadays, so a lot of gorgeous girls are eager to be touched by men! Some of them even have to pay male beauticians to give them facials and massages in order to feel balanced internally and externally! How mad is that?!pickup-line-on-a-woman

Oh. You have some mascara on your face.” When you are on the dance floor of a nightclub, you can try this pickup line on a woman who is dancing next to you. Make sure you aren’t laughing at her while saying this line.

This pickup line works well if your vibe is right because:

1) she can’t hate you as you’re just trying to help her by pointing out the mascara on her face;

2) she doesn’t feel superior to you because this line is actually a “neg”, i.e. something that makes her feel inferior;

3) she feels the intimate energy between you and her because mascara (makeup) is an intimate topic;

4) when you say this line to her, you can use your hand to remove her mascara on her face, even if there is no mascara on her face – now you have physically escalated on her immediately. How can she resist such as a charming, caring gentleman like you?! She probably can’t!

Excuse me. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I just would like to let you know that you look very pretty.” Use this pick-up line when you pick up hot girls in the street. Because nowadays there are too many sales people out there, you need to clarify that you aren’t one of them first, and then immediately you should tell her why you want to talk to her. Most men don’t have the guts to compliment women in a bold way, so women actually want to hear such compliments! If you look interesting, genuine and honest, she will want to keep talking to you because she is also interested in you and curious about what you have to offer. All you need to do is to hone your conversation skills and make sure you get her phone number!

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