The Hierarchy of Jewellery for Your Hot Girl


Jewellery is the ultimate gift for lovers in almost every culture in the world. No matter you are chasing a hot girl or celebrating your sexy wife’s birthday, choosing the right jewellery for her is always a positive in your love life. But do you understand the hierarchy of jewellery for attractive women?

Entry-level jewellery: Swarovski. We all know that Swarovski is a well-known jewellery brand, but do you know that almost everything made by Swarovski isn’t real? I mean this brand only sells artificial crystals and metals that aren’t even silver! Some of its products are not even made in China; they are made in Vietnam! Therefore, this is definitely an entry-level jewellery brand that you can consider when you are still at the dating stage with a new girl because she hasn’t earned better gifts yet! Remember that your new girlfriend can only be rewarded after she has done something nice for you, e.g. giving you a good time in the bedroom. Don’t give her things that she hasn’t earned yet because you don’t want her to become entitled! Therefore, buying the right jewellery for her at the right time is so key – this is a great way to make sure the foundation of your relationship is solid. Other similar brands are Thomas Sabo and Pandora. Although these brands aren’t cheap as f**k, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Meanwhile, most hot ladies believe that these brands are reputable. Now you know why entry-level jewellery isn’t something that you can buy in a random place such as Kmart and Target – you still want to be respectful! So, don’t forget these well-known jewellery brands.expensive-jewellery

Mid-level jewellery: Georg Jensen. Georg Jensen is a jewellery brand from Denmark, so the design is absolutely chic, simple, modern and future-proof. If your attractive girlfriend is a sophisticated woman, you should buy something from Georg Jensen for her because its style probably matches her elegance. Other similar jewellery brands are Dior, Kate Spade, Versace and Tiffany & Co.’s silver jewellery. Please note that you should only buy your sexy girl mid-level jewellery when you two have become exclusive already. The day you officially declare that you two are in a relationship should be the day you give her a mid-level necklace or bracelet. Don’t give her mid-level jewellery if you two are still in the initial dating stage because you shouldn’t invest that much in a new woman you don’t really know very well. Patience is the key.attractive-girlfriend

High-end jewellery: Chanel. I’m not talking about Chanel’s costume jewellery; I’m actually talking about Chanel’s real jewellery. As a matter of fact, you can’t even find the price of Chanel’s fine jewellery on its official website because you have to visit a Chanel store in order to ask for the pricing. If you are going to propose to your beautiful girlfriend, you may be more creative and buy her an engagement ring from Chanel rather than Cartier or Tiffany & Co because those two brands are a bit corny these days. Another similar high-end jewellery brand is Bulgari. Honestly, if your fiancée is wearing a double C ring instead of a standard ring from Tiffany & Co, she will get more attention from people around her because no one can tell if a standard diamond ring is from Tiffany & Co or not, but everyone can tell a double C ring comes from Chanel! Don’t forget that hot women are validated by attention. Make the engagement ring all about the amount of attention that she can get, and then she will give you what you want in your married life in the

Ultra-high-end jewellery brand: Harry Winston. This is very expensive, so make sure you really want to invest in something like this. Of course, if you are married to the right woman, she will definitely help you to make more money in the long term. Therefore, it’s totally worthy it when your hot wife is an asset rather than a liability. So, if you’d like to buy her something really impressive for your ten years’ wedding anniversary, you may consider buying her something from Harry Winston. Other similar brands are Breguet, Patek Philippe and Graff.
When not to buy her expensive jewellery: There is a typical mistake made by men – Whenever there is a conflict in the relationship, a man tends to buy his sexy lady something beautiful to make her happy. Unfortunately, that’s the worst way to make the relationship work, because he is rewarding her bad behaviour. Clearly, if you want to use something material to get her to like you more, you are teaching her this: The fact that she is mad at you means she will get something from you!

That is the worst scenario you want to see because you are reinforcing her bad behaviour.


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