How to make a younger woman happy so that she will make you happy


If you are dating a younger woman, you have to know how to make her happy so that she will make you happy. In this way, you will be able to keep your younger girlfriend.

  • Give her unforgettable experiences. As an older guy, you are more experienced and sophisticated, so it is your responsibility to make sure you give your younger lady fantastic experiences in life so that she becomes addicted to you. For example, you can arrange overseas trips with her a couple of times a year. When you two have shared experiences like that, she will have a deep emotional connection with you; therefore, she will want to stay in this long-term relationship with you and make it official.Give her unforgettable experiences
  • Teach her things. Another way to add value to a younger woman’s life is to teach her things. Because you are an older guy, you are definitely worldlier than her. As a result, you are able to teach her many things in life, e.g. how to have a successful career, how to build a powerful network, how to improve social skills, how to become smarter, how to win at life, etc. Don’t forget that women are actually more eager to learn new things than men because women are less worried about their ego, whereas every man has an ego which might stop him from learning. Another way to teach her things is to read a book together. For instance, when you’ve finished reading a good book, you can introduce the book to her so that she can learn something new with you and discuss new ideas from the book with you. A case in point is Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour Work Week. My friend Larry is a 50-year-old guy dating a 26-year-old girl. He read this book ten years ago and bought a new edition of the same book recently, partly because Tim Ferriss updated some content, and partly because the previous book that he bought one decade ago is already too old and is falling apart due to frequent use (which means it must be a great book). When Larry realised that in the new edition, Tim Ferriss added an article from his blog to the end of 4-hour Work Week – this article is about the art of letting bad things happen& he find it very interesting and useful, so he recommended this book to his younger girlfriend who suffered from OCD. His 26-year-old girlfriend was always checking whether her belongings were with her, repeatedly rereading every text message/email that she sent to others, checking whether her door was locked for multiple times before she could leave the building… Life would be quite stressful due to anxiety! After reading this book, she has decided to let small problems happen so that she can make big things happen.Teach her things
  • Give her good sex. We understand that not every older guy is still good in bed because age could be an issue at times. But statistics show that most mature guys are still quite good in bed. Take Donald Trump as an example. When he was nearly 70 years old, he said he was still very good in bed. We don’t doubt that because his youngest son was born after he turned 60 years old. Some younger women don’t want to stay in relationships with older men if sex is not good. Well, if your younger wife still wants to stay married to you even if sex is bad, that’s actually a problem – you may want to wonder why she still wants to be with you if you two don’t even share intimacy together – what’s her agenda? What motivates her? Clearly, you must maintain excellent physical health and mental health in order to be good in bed in your golden age. Hence, you may create a plan for yourself in 2019 and carefully look after your body and mind.Give her good sex
  • Buy her gifts at times. If you are married to a trophy wife, you need to spoil her so that she will be proud of her marriage with you. A very easy way to spoil a younger wife is to buy her gifts. Honestly, a successful man’s time is more important than money. As a consequence, if you don’t have a lot of time to spend with her, you can buy her some gifts so that she still feels very good. Some recommendations are: sexy lingerie, seductive perfume, luxury handbags, fine jewellery, and so on. Of course, handbags and jewellery from famous brands can be expensive, but you can afford sexy lingerie and seductive perfume, right? Sometimes the best gifts aren’t physical gifts – you can buy her a spa appointment gift card so that she can go to the spa and spend a few hours for a blissful experience.Buy her gifts at times
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