How to test a hot woman’s self-esteem

How to test a hot woman’s self-esteem

Dating a hot woman is different from dating a high-value woman. A sexy lady is hot in your opinion, so that’s probably perceived beauty. However, having high self-esteem is the prerequisite of being a high-value woman, so how can you test a sexy woman’s self-esteem?

When your work requires 100% of your attention, how does your hot girlfriend react? As a high-value guy, you oftentimes need to work a lot. When you are busy at work, observe your beautiful girlfriend’s reaction – does she feel upset because you don’t spend time with her for a week when you must devote all your time to your work? If she does feel upset even though you’ve already explained what’s happening in detail, she clearly has low self-esteem because she is worried about her worth and is wondering why you don’t like her anymore. Many hot women are validated by attention.

However, a high-value woman with high self-esteem knows her own worth, so she doesn’t mind when you are too busy to spend time with her at times. Therefore, you will know your sexy girlfriend has high self-esteem when you have to work extremely hard and can’t spend time with her, and she is still okay with it – she has her own things to do. Meanwhile, a gorgeous woman with high self-esteem understands it and knows what you are doing, so she is proud of you while thinking, “My boyfriend is crushing it. I’m so excited to be with such an alpha guy. He is ambitious, hardworking and outstanding!

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If the relationship started as a one-night-stand, it’s easier to turn it into a commitment, provided her self-esteem is high. It’s always easier to start as a fuckboy and then become a sophisticated guy later. It’s much harder to start as a mature guy and then become a silly fuckboy. Therefore, when you date a hot woman and now this is the initial casual stage, notice her behaviour. If she wants to fuck you, that means she is physically attracted to you, which is a good sign because she is probably not dating you for your money & she actually likes you. Then when you realise that this gorgeous woman is a keeper, you can become a sophisticated, mature guy later. Now her reaction tells you something about her self-esteem: If she can’t handle this change (from a fling to a long-term relationship), that means in her subconscious mind, she doesn’t feel she deserves someone like you (her self-esteem is low).

But if she can handle it and accept the relationship happily, it means her self-esteem is high because she knows how to have fun and how to enjoy a serious relationship. Having said that, if you start as a sophisticated and successful guy, it’s harder for you to become a fuckboy later because the attractive girl you are dating will begin to wonder, “You are supposed to be the resource guy, so what’s this about now?” Therefore, your fun-loving energy reels beautiful women in so that you can filter them later on. At the end of the day, just as Robert Greene famously said, “All your technical skills don’t work unless you have people skills.”

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Does this attractive woman try to use her resources to attract you? Women with low self-esteem don’t think they are good enough, so they tend to compensate by offering men other incentives to be with them. For instance, if the gorgeous girl you are dating is always talking about her rich parents, her powerful friends and her good job, you might think she is showing off, right? But think again – if she wants to date you, chances are she is probably trying to prove herself to you in order to get you and keep you. A woman with high self-esteem doesn’t need to constantly talk about her wealthy family background, her impressive educational background, her excellent job and her powerful network because she already knows she is good enough.

Another sign that women with low self-esteem often show is they even compensate financially, i.e. paying your bills, giving you money and paying for the vacation – You could be an idiot if you think that’s good news – When you are dating a hot lady like that, don’t assume that you are the luckiest guy in the world. In fact, this is a very dangerous sign because it usually means your attractive girlfriend has low self-esteem. If you are in a long-term relationship with her, you will suffer the consequences because one day her low self-esteem will cause drama, stress and pain in various ways & such a sick relationship will end badly. Worse still, when she realises that she has invested in you financially, she will take ten times back from you if the relationship lasts for a long time.

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