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29, Odesa, Ukraine
The Southern Capital, the Pearl of the Black Sea, the Southern Palmyra – these are some basic nicknames that have been turned into the visit cards of the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa, located on the shores of the Black Sea. These names clearly demonstrate the fact that the city is very important to the Ukrainian state and is regarded as one of its most important treasures. Therefore, we can conclude that Odesa ladies are also a true treasure which stands out amongst the rest of the Slavic women.
Today, we are going to introduce you to a fantastic Odessa woman, Svyatosalva who is 30 years old and prepared to meet a new man who will change her whole life. However, it is quite important to make you familiar with some basic history of Odessa and the general attractions it is famous for.
To begin with, Odessa was once a Crimean Tartar settlement because the latter managed to rule extensive areas that ranged from the Carpathian Mountains to the borders of the modern-day Russian Federation and obviously included the Crimean Peninsula. With the rise of the Ottoman Empire, the Tartars became vassals of the Ottomans and all their lands were incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. With the decay of the latter, these lands were occupied by the Russians by the ned of the XVIII century. That is when Odesa was officially founded by the Russians and soon became one of the most important Black Sea ports of the Russian Empire. Moreover, due its favourable geographic position, it was turned into one of the most important shipbuilding complexes of the Empire together with Mykolaiv which is not far away from Odesa.

Nowadays, the city remains one of the key transportation hubs of the whole Ukraine. Lots of railways, highways and sea routes all join together in Odessa. The latter also possesses an international airport with lots of foreigners coming to visit it every year.

We are now finally moving on to the ladies of this place. Astonishing Odesa beauties are known across the globe as the visit card of the Ukraine. Thanks to the historical heritage, these ladies are capable of absorbing new culture and getting used to them quite quickly. At the same time, they do retain the most important factor which makes them special – traditional values. Odesa girls are raised by their parents in accordance with the long-standing traditional or conservative values that establish the traditional female role of a housewife. Yes, Svyatoslava is one of such girls and you can forget about cheating and divorce, if you marry her. At the same time, the fact that she is from the south of the Ukraine makes her very special because these ladies love to have fun with their boyfriends and husbands. So, your new married life will be completely different to the one you have always known. Dare to know more by contacting Svyatoslava yourself!