How to ask your younger wife to sign a pre-nup

How to ask your younger wife to sign a pre-nup

If you are an older man marrying a younger woman, maybe you have much more money than her, so it’s reasonable to sign a pre-nup with her in order to protect your finances. In this way, if something happens and you need to divorce her in future, she won’t be able to get your money. Donald Trump signed three pre-nups before he got married each time. He says this isn’t the most romantic thing to do in the world, but he has to do it so as to protect his wealth. All his women (ex-wives and current wife) are hot ladies who have more attractiveness than money. In fact, both his ex-wives speak highly of him after they got divorced and he is still his ex-wives’ friend.

So, how can you sign a pre-nup which doesn’t irritate your beautiful bride?

Ask her to sign a pre-nup when she is in a good mood. Don’t ask her to sign a pre-nup when she is sad, angry or depressed. Only ask her to do it when she is upbeat, happy and positive. For instance, after having hot sex with your gorgeous girl, it’s time for some pillow talk. Now she has just had an orgasm, so she is completely relaxed and satisfied. This is the best time to talk about pre-nup. But don’t mention pre-nup 1 minute after her orgasm, okay? You should talk about something else first, e.g. your future plans, your wedding, your honey-moon vacation, etc. After these props, then you talk about pre-nup.

Ask her to sign a pre-nup when she is in a good mood

Talk about the pre-nup in the dark. When women are in a dark environment, they are more emotional and less analytical. That’s why pillow talk is a good time to mention pre-nup to your hot bride. Another opportunity is to go somewhere near water (e.g. river and sea) at night. For example, Michael (a guy in Sydney) and his Ukrainian girlfriend are getting married soon, so he takes his Ukrainian woman to Sydney’s Darling Harbour at night. When they are sitting in the beautiful scenery, Michael asks his Ukrainian beauty to sign a pre-nup and she says yes. Remember: when women are close to water, they also become more emotional and less analytical.

pre-nup in the dark

Assess how much she really wants to marry you. If you are 100% sure that this sexy girl wants to marry you, then you can talk about signing a pre-nup any time anywhere. Sometimes women become dumb when they are truly in love with men. No matter how intelligent a woman is, when she is in love, her brain can be switched off. Therefore, it’s okay to tell her to sign a pre-nup with you if you believe that your wealth is massive, whereas hers is quite limited. In most western countries, a woman is entitled to half of her husband’s wealth when these two are getting a divorce. No wonder MGOTW is so popular these days. So, signing a pre-nup is understandable in today’s day and age.

Don’t forget to engage a lawyer

Don’t forget to engage a lawyer. If you don’t spend money now, then I don’t know when you should spend your money. Sometimes if you pay too little, you will have to pay much more later. This is the most crucial time in your life, so you should totally hire a good lawyer who can write the pre-nup properly for you. In some western countries, drafting a pre-nup is incredibly difficult because women are very well protected by the law. Consequently, in some cities, only one or two lawyers can do it. You must make sure your pre-nup is done correctly and effectively.

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