Dating hot women: Does her bra size matter?

get attractive women with huge breasts

It is said that some men prefer women with large tits, whereas some men prefer women with small breasts. What exactly is the truth?

Hot women with big breasts look more sensuous. Now you can have a look at a photo in which a woman has huge breasts and another photo in which a woman has small breasts. Observe yourself (your response) – now you know the difference. As a man, your physical reaction is already different inside your body. Now also imagine adding touch and feel to it. So, you know breasts represent femininity which is exactly what you desire. Only sexy women with the right hormones can have big breasts. That also means only women with huge breasts have the highest levels of female hormones, so these women are more attracted to men – they are driven by their hormones, too. In contrast, women with small breasts can behave in a feminine way, but honestly, their femininity isn’t backed up by their most important feature, i.e. big breasts & hormones.

with ladies with huge breasts

There are many extra things you can do in bed with sexy women who have big tits. If you have only slept with women with small breasts, you must get attractive women with huge breasts as soon as possible. Only when you are in bed with a girl with large breasts can you do things like motorboating (you put your face between her breasts and rocking turning your head quickly from side to side while making a noise like a motorboat). Another activity that you can only do with ladies with huge breasts is titty-fucking. That means the hot lady frames a cock in between her two breasts as a teasing mechanism. She may get in between your legs and caress your cock with her breasts. Then she can straddle her chest when you are about to come, including grinding your cock between her breasts, and then you can come on her breasts. That being said, titty-fucking should only be the spice, not the main course because it can’t give you the moisture, the tightness and the temperature of a gorgeous lady’s pussy.

ladies with big breasts

Beautiful women with large breasts also have disadvantages. A girl with big breasts may look older than her actual age. Also, it’s harder for girls with huge tits to find appropriate clothes that fit them. Another issue is ladies with big breasts may suffer from back pain due to the weight of their breasts. Some of them even have skin irritation under their breasts. Some women’s skin on their shoulders are irritated by their bra straps. Therefore, every year, many women choose breast reduction surgeries in order to feel better. Big breasts become a problem when these women want to go to the gym every day because it’s very uncomfortable when they are exercising in the gym while wearing two sports bras to support their huge breasts. A final disadvantage is when ladies with huge tits get older, they are more likely to have saggy breasts, which isn’t good-looking.

Beautiful women with large breasts

Gorgeous girls with small breasts look more fashionable. Indeed, ladies with small breasts can find suitable clothes very easily. And they also look more fashionable all the time. Better still, these pretty ladies probably look younger than their actual age because we tend to associate smaller breasts with youth (we associate bigger breasts with older age).

Do you have a dating preference in terms of a woman’s bra size? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Don’t be shy. Just be honest and candid. We appreciate all helpful feedback.

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