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As the Internet’s leading dating advice blog, we must talk about the best pickup artists in the world in order to give you a comprehensive view about the dating industry.

We rank these pickup artists according to these standards:

1) Whether this person’s advice actually works or not in general;

2) how effective this dating expert’s advice is in terms of the extent that we have tested;

3) whether this dating guru is actually interesting (or pretend to be interesting) and has real & extensive knowledge about psychology, sociology and human dynamics (or someone else writes their content for them). Please note that we don’t receive any commission from any pickup artists listed below, so we only assess each dating guru based on our first-hand research and experience.

No. 1 Jade Seashell
Having been in the dating industry for 12 years, Jade Seashell is the best pickup artist that we have met so far. That’s why we have engaged her to work for many of our projects already. She may not be well-known in the mainstream media because her content is not mainstream-friendly, but she is very well-known in subcultures (e.g. sugar daddy dating advice). As a columnist, Jade Seashell is a regular contributor on Let’s Talk Sugar (it’s a popular website which belongs to the controversial site Seeking Arrangement, a sugar daddy dating site which has over 10 million members worldwide). Jade studied psychology and sociology at university, and she has also taught creative writing and linguistics at tertiary level. She is extremely well read because she reads at least 52 books per year. Therefore, Jade is the most knowledgeable and practical dating guru we have ever seen so far. Jade Seashell has been writing content for a wide variety of dating advice YouTube channels, dating websites and blogs, so a lot of the information that you are consuming on a daily basis was actually written by Jade (these companies just didn’t tell you about the fact that they hired a ghostwriter). Once Jade even told us that whenever she searches certain key words on Google, she can see the entire first page is filled with articles written by her.

Jade Seashell

No. 2 George Massey
This is another name that may surprise you because he is not the senior dating coach at Street Attraction (he is relatively new). However, unlike most pickup artists that only look interesting (or pretend to be interesting), George Massey is actually interesting. Therefore, George doesn’t have a pickup artist’s vibe. Instead, his vibe is very positive, engaging and soothing. In his spare time, he also creates music and movies. Because he is very knowledgeable, his book Game: A cure for loneliness is a collection of 20 wonderful stories and essays about female psychology, game and pickup. You may also want to check out his own YouTube channels about movie reviews, food for thought and music.

George Massey senior

No. 3 Richard la Ruina
Richard la Ruina established the biggest pickup artist training company in Europe, but he stopped running live events a few years ago because he doesn’t enjoy the stress caused by running live events and boot camps. Instead, now his company’s main focus is selling dating advice products. About ten years ago, his company released some DVDs, yet nowadays he has just released a video game about pickup, which is revolutionary in the industry – men can learn female psychology and pickup by playing his video game – it is something that’s unheard of. His wife is a Russian woman because that’s his dating preference (which has caused controversy in western mainstream media). But at least, he is very honest and direct. You may even find his book The Natural in some bookstores at the airport.

Richard la Ruina

No. 4 Liam McRae
Liam McRae is not the most senior dating coach at The Natural Lifestyles, but he is the best pickup artist in that company because he is the most creative, open-minded and enlightening dating expert. His ideas about dating, life and money are very insightful. You can learn a lot from his analysis and reasoning.

Liam McRae

No. 5 Todd V
Todd Vs name when he was working for RSD and the latter is his real name that he may not want to use for the dating advice industry (but his real name is not a secret as he already showed his audience his real name when he released the legal document regarding the RSD dispute which includes his real name & you can also see his real name elsewhere on the Internet). Todd V is the world’s most technical pickup artist because he teaches pickup with a step-by-step approach. Understanding those theories is paramount if you want to be successful with women. But please don’t get caught up in your head when you are that analytical. You still need to use your heart and your body to attract beautiful women.

todd v youtube

No. 6 RSD Luke
If Mystery gave the world the first paradigm shift by showing men that pickup is a skill that can be learned & RSD gave the world the second paradigm shift by widely promoting in-field pickup examples, then RSD Luke has given the world the third paradigm shift by teaching social circle game, i.e. you can learn how to meet hot women through your social circle & you also learn how to build a powerful social circle so that your business/career is also figured out.

RSD Luke

No. 7 Hayley Quinn
Hayley is a bisexual dating coach for both men and women, which is not very common. She is passionate about what she is teaching and is very dedicated to her work. It’s always beneficial to learn pickup from a female viewpoint.

Hayley Quinn

No. 8 Yad
Yad used to work for Richard la Ruina in London, but now he runs which teaches men how to pick up women in the street during the day time. Apparently, Yad isn’t the most handsome man in the world, but he is able to create energizing vibes when he is talking to hot women. If you think attractive women don’t want to date men who look like you, then you will benefit a lot from Yad’s dating advice.

Yad’s dating preference is also Russian girls.

Yad pick up

No. 9 Mark Manson
Technically, Mark Manson isn’t a pickup artist because he prefers the term “author” and a lot of his content is about other topics. However, Mark’s dating book Models: Attract women through Honesty has solid information about pickup without bullshit.

Mark Manson

No. 10 Neil Strauss
Neil Strauss also doesn’t like the term “pickup artist” because he is a mainstream author, journalist and ghostwriter. But his book The Game has become the bible for many men all over the world.

Neil Strauss

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