Top Six Songs that You Should Listen to While Making Love to a Hot Woman

music playing while love making

Most men don’t understand the power of music in dating and relationships. But because you are reading this article, you aren’t one of them. Now you will learn why playing music in the background is paramount while you are fucking a hot girl in bed.

No. 1: When you tell me that you love me (Diana Ross)

Diana Ross is an American soul singer who has a sensuous voice. In this love song, every part of the lyrics looks like a stage of intimacy: foreplay, intercourse and orgasm. Therefore, you and your hot girlfriend would enjoy physical pleasure even more if you play this song in the background while you are fucking her properly.a girl orgasmic about music

No. 2: I love you (Sarah McLachlan)

This is a very sexy song to listen to when you are in bed with your beautiful girlfriend. Sarah McLachlan’s husky voice will turn on both of you and prepare you for the blissful, intimate moments. You will surely enjoy the rhythm of Sarah’s music which emulates slow penetration that a sexy lady needs sometimes.

No. 3: Last dance (Sarah McLachlan)

Last Dance is not really a song. It’s just pure music. It is the best choice before you start foreplay. You may even play this music when you are still having dinner with your attractive girl in the kitchen because it gets you in the mood!

Most men don’t understand the power of music in dating and relationships

No. 4: So good (Coco Lee)

Coco Lee has a very sexual voice which suggests orgasm. As a consequence, if you use this song in the background while you are making love with a sexy girl, you will probably begin to have a threesome experience in your head – you will feel like having sex with your girlfriend and the singer at the same time. This song is banned in China due to its adult content because China doesn’t have a rating system. But it’s available in other countries.male's back with music notes tatoo

No. 5: Right here waiting (Richard Marx)

If you are curious about how it feels to fuck a sexy lady while listening to a man’s singing voice, Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting is a great choice. This song is perfect for bisexual guys who fantasize having a threesome with a man and woman at the same time.

No. 6: Love, sex, magic (Ciara and Justin Timberlake)

It is a fast song for fast-paced penetration in bed. You need to vary your speed inside your gorgeous lady while listening to this song sometimes! You can hear a male voice and a female voice in this song, so it adds more variety to the fun in your bedroom immediately.

In conclusion, music makes your intimate movements sexier because any kind of art is derived from sexual energy. You would be well-advised to equip yourself with this new strategy and create a playlist before seeing your gorgeous girl tonight. Which song is your favorite? Please write a comment below and let us know!

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