Money dynamics while dating a hot woman

Money dynamics while dating a hot woman

Dating a sexy woman is fun, yet money isn’t the prettiest topic in relationships. However, money is probably the most important topic in dating because if you avoid talking about money, you may have major issues with your sexy girlfriend in the long term. It’s better to analyse money dynamics before you and your hot girl invest in this relationship too much.

Who should pay on a date? Usually, the guy should pay on the date if he asks the sexy girl out. Similarly, if the girl asks the guy out, she should pay for it. When you ask a hot woman out for the first date, she should at least offer to pay. Otherwise, she is possibly using you for your money. When she offers to pay, you refuse and you pay the bill (and then she says “thank you”) – that’s the ideal situation. In the long term, she should reciprocate in other ways, e.g. when you purchase tickets to see a movie, she should buy ice cream or popcorn. On your birthday, she should give you a present.

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Different money dynamics when dating women from different cultures. When you date western women, she is less likely to expect you to pay for everything because western women are usually more independent (some are feminists). Therefore, it’s quite common for guys to go Dutch with western girls. In contrast, when you date east European women or Asian women, they usually expect you to pay for everything because they are more traditional. Honestly, you get what you’ve paid for – western women don’t expect you to pay for everything, but they are usually more demanding in other areas, e.g. they need you to give them more time; they are less interested in doing housework; they may not even want children. By contrast, eastern European women and Asian women are more likely to need less time from you; they are more interested in doing housework and looking after you; they want to have children and enjoy a family life with you.

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Dating 9s and 10s is more expensive than dating 6s and 7s. Let’s be honest – very hot women probably have access to things you can’t provide, so it’s harder to get them. Consequently, you may have to invest more in this relationship, if your girlfriend is a real 10. Indeed, dating a 9 or a 10 requires more money from you, because if you don’t invest in her, someone else will. A Victoria’s Secret model doesn’t have to be with you if you only take her to KFC and McDonalds. She can easily date a millionaire or even get a billionaire because she is the hottest woman in town. Nevertheless, when you date a 6 or a 7, she may want to invest in you more because she knows she is not the best woman in the world. Thus, dating a 6 or a 7 can save you money in the short term and in the long term. This difference also tells you why rich men always get hot women. Most attractive ladies are aware of the power of their sex appeal, so they may use their attractiveness to their advantage.

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Be aware: Is she using her sexiness to take advantage of you? Some gorgeous girls know the power of a pussy, so they approach you and ask you to pay for everything, but they just don’t sleep with you. If you feel things aren’t right, you should either sleep with her early or stay away from her. Your horniness and neediness are your worst enemy in this case.

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