How to Date Hot Girls in New Zealand

New Zealand hot girls in sexy bikinis

Dating in New Zealand is eye-opening and exciting. It is said that New Zealand has the most attractive women in Southern Hemisphere. Now let’s see how to get sexy girls in this exotic country!

Picking up tourist girls is easy in New Zealand. Because New Zealand has an excellent tourism industry, every year a large number of hot women visit New Zealand. When a hot girl is travelling, she is relaxed and looking for fun. That’s why it’s much easier to pick up tourists who are visiting this country. The best way to get attractive girls is to join a Contiki tour which automatically introduces young women to you because only people who are under 35 years old can join a Contiki tour. But the prerequisite is you must be under 35 as well. Hence, if you are over 35 years of age, you should travel alone and then go to Bay of Islands (New Zealand’s most popular tourist destination) and pick up tourists over there.New Zealand blond model posing in bikini

Local women in New Zealand are very sexy. In New Zealand, women tend to wear revealing clothes because it is very hot in the summer. In fact, wearing sexy clothes is just common practice for ladies in New Zealand as everyone is quite open-minded and enlightened in this culture. Your eyes will be deeply satisfied if you visit New Zealand in its summertime, i.e. from December to February. Remember: New Zealand is in the Southern hemisphere, so its summer is around New Year’s holidays when you have time to travel.

Some girls in New Zealand wear black bras underneath their white blouses, so they are basically inviting you to look at their breasts. This statement sounds too bold, but it’s true. In New Zealand, you can see women wearing black bras under white T-shirts quite often. Obviously, that kind of outfit is designed to attract your eye balls. Don’t forget that a normal woman craves male attention, so of course you should pay more attention to her best body parts. Yes, it is probably a compliment to check out a hot woman’s breasts. (Otherwise, why would so many women want implants?)

It is said that New Zealand has the most attractive women in Southern Hemisphere

Your accent will help you get attractive girls. Beauties in New Zealand speak English as their first language, but they all have an accent. When you rock up with a different accent, local New Zealand women will pay attention to you because now you are different and memorable. Some accents that will instantly make you popular are American accent, Canadian accent and British accent. If you have an Australian accent, maybe it’s still too close to the local accent in New Zealand. But no matter which accent you have, you must speak clearly; otherwise, New Zealand ladies can’t understand you.a beautiful New Zealand brunette

Nightclubs in New Zealand are full of horny, lonely women who are looking for validation. If you want to get laid in New Zealand quickly, simply go to a nightclub in Auckland because you will meet every lonely horny woman looking for validation from men there. Chatting up girls in that environment requires a loud voice because nightclubs in New Zealand are very noisy due to the loud music in the background. If that’s not your strength, you can take a girl out of the club and talk to her outside. All you need to do is to approach a girl and ask her if she would like to have a cigarette with you outside!

Condoms in New Zealand have a bigger size. When you go to a supermarket or a drug store in New Zealand, you’ll notice that the size of condoms is bigger than what you normally see in countries like Japan and Singapore. That’s because most men in New Zealand are white men who have bigger cocks. Consequently, if you are an Asian man, maybe you need to bring your own condoms for the sake of safety. This is not racist. You really have to know how to protect yourself and avoid STD. Condoms that are too big may lose their functionality in a sexy woman’s vagina.

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