How to protect your money when you need to divorce a hot wife

How to protect your money when you need to divorce a hot wife

In western countries, the divorce rate is definitely over 50% because many couples are separated without getting an official divorce certificate – the government can’t include them in the statistics. That means the success rate of marriages should be only 40% maximum. If I tell you when you go out in the street today, the chance of you being hit by a bus is 60%, would you at least buy insurance? Therefore, every man should learn how to protect his money just in case. A smart man would even want to read this article before getting married so that he is equipped with the right knowledge now.

Sign a pre-marital agreement before getting married. If you are about to get married, you must consider signing a pre-marital agreement with your hot wife. This is especially important if you have much more money than her. It is easier to do if your sexy wife is a mature woman. It is harder to do if your gorgeous wife is a younger woman. But you can always consult with a lawyer before getting married.

Discuss finances with your beautiful wife. Money shouldn’t be the taboo topic in your relationship (before getting married and after getting married). If people are happy to talk about money more often, this world will become a much better place. You need to know her financial situation regularly because if she is in debt and you are going to divorce her, her debt could become yours.

Discuss finances with your beautiful wife.

If you know you will get a divorce, prepare early. Let’s say you’ve been married for many years and recently you know something is seriously wrong (e.g. your attractive wife is cheating on you or you are cheating on her & she knows it). Now you probably need to get ready for a divorce. Usually, it takes a very long time to make this difficult decision (divorce). In a way, it is good because you can have more time to prepare yourself well financially. For example, in Australia, property settlement regarding a divorce examines both spouses’ finances – the husband’s and the wife’s bank statements and other investments must be displayed in the divorce lawyer’s office. Let’s say you apply for property settlement on 1st July, 2018. Then the divorce lawyer only needs to look at all your financial situation between 1st July, 2017 and 1st July, 2018. In other words, what happens in your bank statements and your other investments during this period of time is the only thing that needs to be examined according to the Family Law in Australia. Hence, you would be well-advised to prepare your finances carefully at least one year before your sexy lady may apply for property settlement.

Some strategies include:

1) transfer your money to an overseas bank account before 1st July, 2017;

2) only invest in overseas’ real estate.

Your hot woman doesn’t have to marry you in order to get your money. Do you know that in many western countries, as long as a woman and a man live together for at least 12 months, she can get half of his money when they break up? If you are not sure whether this law applies to your country, you must check with a lawyer as soon as possible before moving in with your attractive girlfriend, because de facto relationships are treated as marriages in many western countries.

The best solution is to marry the right woman

The best solution is to marry the right woman. No matter how many strategies there are, the best solution is always to marry the right lady. If you marry Miss Right, you won’t need to get a divorce later. Thus, you have to keep your eyes wide open and listen to your head before you marry a hot bride.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is for general information purpose only. It shouldn’t replace legal advice and can’t be used as legal advice. You must consult with a lawyer and then take action accordingly. If you take action based on the information in this article, the author and this website do not shoulder any responsibility of your consequences. The author of this article is not a lawyer and this website is not run by a law firm.

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