How to get over a bad breakup with a hot girlfriend


A bad breakup sucks, but unfortunately almost everyone has to go through something like that in a lifetime (unless you were born in India and must listen to your parents’ instructions regarding an arranged marriage). So, how can you get over a bad breakup with a hot girlfriend that damages your soul?

When a hot girlfriend becomes an ex, she has given you an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

  • Allocate a specific period of time per day to release your emotions. Chances are you still have to go to work every day and you can’t show your emotions at work (unless you are the owner of the company and you don’t care). When you sit in the office during the daytime and sadness caused by the bad breakup comes to find you, you can say this to sadness, “Please go away right now. I’ll deal with you tonight.” What you should do is to allocate half an hour per night to deal with your difficult emotions, e.g. after dinner and a shower/bath, you spend 30 minutes from 9pm to 9:30pm every night to process the hard emotions such as sadness and anxiety caused by the breakup with your hot girlfriend. Remember to set your alarm clock which definitely rings at 9:30pm. When the alarm clock rings, you have to stop the emotions regarding the breakup and read a book before going to sleep.time-per-day-to-release-your-emotions
  • Release your emotions with the help of movies and TV shows. Entertainment is more powerful than you think. Experts claim that psychology can only treat symptoms, but entertainment, literature and religion can treat the root cause of mental problems. Therefore, you should use entertainment to help you when you just broke up with a hot girlfriend. For example, when you feel depressed and you want to cry, you can watch a sad movie such as Bridges of Madison CountyThe Reader or Titanic and allow yourself to cry like a child loudly. That’s the best way to release your emotions. Please note that you have to release your emotions in order to be physically healthy. It is said that women have a longer lifespan than men because women oftentimes release their emotions, whereas men tend to hide their emotions. So, when you watch a sad movie, just allow yourself to cry! If you feel very angry because your hot girlfriend’s adultery caused the breakup, then you must release your anger by punching a pillow and yelling at it at the same time. That will help you feel much better afterwards. Again, don’t hide your feelings and emotions about the breakup; just release them so that you can set your spirit free. Lastly, don’t forget that you can also watch some comedies and laugh like a child. For instance, when you watch Friends on TV, it’s perfectly okay to laugh on the floor like a 3-year-old boy. This is a great workout without going to the gym!movies-and-TV-shows.
  • Change what you can control and make peace with the rest. Let’s say your hot girlfriend dumped you and you are single again. In this case, nine times out of ten, your hot girlfriend didn’t want to screw you over – she simply wants to look for her own happiness, hence the breakup. It’s good to know that everyone only did what they could with what they knew at that time – now isn’t this liberating? Also, you may find this technique helpful: Write down everything that bothers you right now; circle the items that you can control; delete the items that you cannot control. Now only work on the things that you can actually control and forget about the things that you can’t control anyway. If your hot girlfriend did something really evil to you, try to forgive her if you can. If you really can’t forgive her because what she did was too bad, then you’d better understand that there is a difference between forgiveness and letting go. Letting go doesn’t mean you’ve forgiven her and forgotten what she did to you. Letting go means you don’t allow what your hot girlfriend did to bother your future so that you can live your life on your terms – don’t give her too much power!make-peace-with-the-rest.
  • Reading can help you reinvent yourself. Do you remember when you went to university (or a new workplace), you kind of reinvented yourself? That’s right – when you enter a new environment, it’s easy to reinvent yourself and rock up as a new person. If you aren’t going to change your environment these days, you can still reinvent yourself by reading different books. A case in point is changing the information you put into your brain – those who only play video games should watch some movies; those who only read non-fiction books should read some novels. By doing something different, your brain absorbs different information, thereby becoming a different brain. Dr Joe Dispenza says you can literally become someone else if you work on changing your brain. As a result, you can read his books such as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain.Reading-can-help-you-reinvent-yourself
  • Do what makes you happy. If you have a hobby, don’t give it up simply because of the bad breakup. If you don’t have a hobby, think about what makes you happy – travel, music, art, food? Just do something that makes you happy every day and you’ll see the difference over time. You would be well-advised to know that the negativity caused by the bad breakup won’t go away in one day, but it will disappear if you keep working on yourself.

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