How to break up with a hot girl

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Starting a relationship isn’t that hard, but leaving a relationship is a much harder decision. Once you’ve decided to break up with your hot girlfriend for some reason, you may want to learn the art of breaking up with her.

Analyse whether you truly want to break up with your beautiful girlfriend or not. Like I mentioned earlier, leaving a relationship is a hard decision, so you don’t want to make such a decision too quickly. Indeed, you must carefully think about it and assess the situation, and then yon can decide whether you should stay or leave. Now you can take out a piece of paper and a pen, and then write down two columns: Fear of Staying VS Fear of Leaving. An example is:

Fear of Staying

1) being financially exploited by a basic bitch;

2) having boring sex forever;

3) being bullied by her in general.

Fear of Leaving

1) maybe it’s difficult to find another woman;

2) maybe this drama queen will make my life really difficult if I break up with her. Now you can see that your fear of staying is real and backed up by three legitimate reasons, whereas your fear of leaving isn’t real because those problems can be solved.

leaving a relationship

Once you have decided to break up with your sexy lady, you need to find a way to communicate that to her. Usually, it may take a few months to make such a difficult decision. Some men even spend a few years before deciding to leave their hot girlfriends. And that’s the hard part. But there is another hard part – how to communicate your intention to your attractive girl. Of course, you can’t say, “Yes, you look hot, but you are really boring in bed.” But you can give her some genuine feedback such as “This relationship is really draining. Because I don’t think I can offer you the best in this state, it will be better if we spend some time away from each other.” In this way, you are telling her the truth in a nice and gentle way. In fact, if sex isn’t right and she doesn’t respect you anyway, chances are she won’t want to stay in this relationship either. If she still wants to stay in this relationship, it’s a sign which tells you that she has some serious issues you must avoid for the rest of your life – maybe she has an agenda that you don’t know.

Don’t stay friends with your ex-girlfriend unless you have children together. You don’t need to be her friend in the future because you must avoid a toxic woman like that forever. Although she is a hot woman, it doesn’t mean she has much to offer anymore. But if you have children with her, then you must keep in touch with your ex in order to see your kids.

relationship is really draining

Start a new chapter in your life. When you end a relationship with a gorgeous girl, what have you learned from this experience? You must learn the lesson. Otherwise, this relationship becomes fucking useless. Therefore, you would be well-advised to write down the lessons immediately. For instance, perhaps you have learned that you shouldn’t date a freeloader in the first place. It is your responsibility to take care of your own wallet. She didn’t rob you; you gave money to her. Both Tom Bilyeu and Gary Vaynerchuk believe in “Everything is my fault” because they want their power back instead of complaining about others. Gary Vaynerchuk even said, “If I go home tonight and find that my wife is cheating on me, my first question will be ‘what did I do wrong?’ And that’s my responsibility.” Once you’ve learned the lesson, you can move on with your life with your new learnings and wisdom. That’s the best way to improve yourself so that you can meet a better, hotter and nicer woman.

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