Why gossip can help you meet a sexy lady and upgrade your life


This title seems to be a bit random – Gossip can help you with love and life?! Yes, that’s right. I’m not joking. This is true. If you’ve read my previous article about how to use deliberate practice to get a sexy lady, you’ll notice that there is a smart guy in the last paragraph of that article – he went to a sunset drinks’ get-together at a co-worker’s house by taxi. People might find it laughable: Why the hell did he spend nearly $90 for a 1.5-hour random get-together in a random co-worker’s f**king house which is so far away? Well, in order to protect his privacy, let’s call him Don. And please allow me to tell you what happened next.

If currently nothing is going on in your life, investing in gossip when the time/place is right is the most beneficial thing that you can do because this good expense may bring you hot women and career opportunities.

  • Don has been dating his co-worker’s cousin who is a truly sexy lady because of that random sunset drinks’ get-together. Don is a smart man. Because he wanted to meet as many people as possible, he arrived at Caroline’s house early. (Caroline was hosting this random get-together because she likes doing something like this.) The reason Don arrived early is that it’s easier for him to meet more people if he arrived there first – Don arrived at 5:30pm, so only Caroline was there (he was the first guest). Now Caroline had to talk to Don first. Because there was nobody else in the house, they had a one-on-one conversation for nearly 20 minutes. As Don is a very competent and engaging conversationalist, Caroline enjoyed the conversation very much. Then gradually, other guests were arriving, so Caroline naturally introduced Don to everyone, including her cousin Catherine, a very sexy lady who is 15 years younger than Caroline. Of course, Don became the most popular guy at the party, partly because now everyone knows him, and partly because he is very good at having interesting conversations. When Catherine noticed that Don is a high-value guy who is admired by so many people, Don’s perceived value increased dramatically in Catherine’s eyes. Well, when Don is having conversations with others, does he always say something extremely insightful and profound? Not really. Don just needs to make sure the conversation is interesting enough so that people are engaged. That means he also tells jokes and talks about some random news as well as some juicy gossip when it’s appropriate. Don is always very well-prepared, so he gave his business card to everyone that he met for the first time that night, but of course, his main goal is to give his business card to Catherine.meet-a-sexy-lady
  • Don has found a better job because of the gossip from that random sunset drinks’ get-together. On Wednesday night, Don went to Caroline’s house by taxi and went home by taxi, which cost him nearly $90. On Thursday morning, Don told another co-worker in the office named Linus that he went to Caroline’s house last night for the get-together. Linus asked him, “How did you get there? By bus?” Don replied, “By taxi.” Immediately, Don noticed that there was a shock in Linus’s eyes because Linus would never do that – Linus is cheap, very cheap. Linus just gave up his car and started to catch the bus every day because he wanted to save money (he was trying to sell his car as well). But Don is very different, not because Don lives an extravagant lifestyle, but because Don knows some expenses are good expenses and some expenses are bad expenses. In this case, going to Caroline’s house by taxi is a good expense because this experience not only brings him a sexy lady, but also brings him something else that’s very valuable – On Thursday afternoon, Don met William in the office and Don said to William, “I met Henry in Caroline’s house last night. Although Henry left this organisation last month, he still keeps in touch with Caroline. Henry says he works in the historic building in the city now. His new job is fantastic.” William said, “Actually, next month I will change my job because I have found a full-time job in a company which is next to the historic building in the city.” Don replied, “That’s perfect. I’m also looking for something like that as well because this organisation doesn’t give me a full-time contract.” Then William said to him, “You can call me tonight and I’ll introduce you to the HR department of that company because they are looking for someone like you.” What actually happened was: Don basically shared some gossip regarding Henry who had left the organisation already. Because that gossip made William share his new plan with Don, William also gave Don a career opportunity. This process proves that some random gossip can change a person’s life forever. Now Don’s new job is only 2-minute walk from his home and it pays him six figures per year. Meanwhile, his sexy lady Catherine has officially become his girlfriend.sexy-lady-Catherine
  • Random gossip is better than no gossip at all. Henry’s story wasn’t even some juicy gossip. It was simply some random gossip. However, Don leveraged that random gossip to get William to help him find a better job. Yes, after one random sunset drinks’ get-together, Don not only has got a sexy lady as his girlfriend, but also has got a much better job which pays him well. In contrast, Linus is cheap in every way – he still doesn’t have a full-time contract and he relies on his current part-time contract because he says “I have to rely on my job”; he has been single all his life because he never offers to pay on dates; he will never get involved in any gossip because he is too cheap to get a taxi to go anywhere. Who is the winner and who is the loser? In love and in life, you must be able to take a risk first and then you can get your ROI.
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