How to pick up women while travelling in different cities


Travel is a great way to meet hot girls because when you are travelling, you are much more open-minded and ready to experience new adventures. Here are some hot tips about how to hustle women into bed while travelling in different places.

  • Download Tourbar dating app. Tourbar is a dating app for travellers and people who want to date tourists. When you visit a new city, you can easily meet hot women who have already joined Tourbar. These sexy ladies are there because they want to be your local tour guide and show you around. More importantly, they want to date you! In other words, women on Tourbar are already converted by the dating app for you, so you must try this app everywhere you go.

How to pick up women

  • Meet other tourists. If you are under 35 years old, you can join a Contiki tour (a company that takes young people under 35 to travel together). In this way, you will certainly meet some young women who are keen to have more experiences with new people. Don’t miss out on these opportunities if you are under 35 years of age! You can travel with Contiki in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America. At the moment, Contiki doesn’t organise tours in Africa, but they do have an office in South Africa.
  • Flirt with the cocktail waitress. When you go to a pub for some drinks in a new city, make sure you approach the cocktail waitress because she is supposed to treat you well and can’t reject you. In fact, you can flirt with any waitress, no matter you are having dinner in a restaurant or having a coffee in a café, as these women must be nice to you. At least you can practise on these women in terms of flirting and conversation skills. If the interaction goes well, you can even ask the waitress out.

travel for couples

  • Go to is a website where you can meet people in any city in the world. You’ll easily see hundreds of groups in the city you visit. Choose a group that interests you and join them. That’s how you meet hot ladies in the new city immediately.
  • Approach hot women in the street. Now you are in a new city, so nobody knows who you are. At last, you are a free person and can do whatever you want! So, it’s time to approach sexy women in the street and unapologetically show your desire. If you hide your desire, women whom you are talking to will wonder, “What the hell does this guy want?” But if you show your desire, women can be turned on by your desire! Getting out of your hometown also means getting out of your comfort zone. You can only find success out of your comfort zone, not inside your comfort zone.
  • Do some research online and find out which clubs have the hottest girls. Once you’ve found the names of those clubs, you can search these key words on Instagram so that you’ll see photos of these clubs. Based on what you see on Instagram, you will be able to prepare yourself for these parties. Dress the part; look high-value; act like a real 10. And then you’ll successfullypick up girls

How to Meet Girls While Travelling

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