10 Signs you are Dating a Gold-Digger

The lady after money
It is All About the Money

I recently realized that my girlfriend was only with me for the money, in other words she was a complete gold digger. This is how it started, a few years back my friend set me up on a blind date. My friend explained that my blind date was a girl who was a little high maintenance from the usual girls I dated but not to worry because she was really nice. So, when I showed up to the date I was happy to see she was really attractive and my friend was right she was totally sweet.

The second date involved a reservation at the most expensive restaurant in the city and a black Dior dress with a pair of sky high Jimmy Choos. Fast forward to two months later, I had spent thousands of dollars on this girl and her sweet personality had mostly vanished. And even worse, her high maintenance side was in full bloom.

After much thought, I broke off the relationship and never looked back. If you are considering that you too are stuck in a dead end relationship with a girl who only sees dollars signs, here are 10 ways from my own personal experience.

Happy woman botherd with money matters
Money on My Mind

She Dumps you Every Time She is Drunk

A common thing used to happen every time my girl and I would party. We would start off fine and ten shots in she would be drunk and surly. She would say plenty of mean things and pretty much dump me. However most of the sentences she would string together were incoherent, so it never really felt official. After a hard night out we would always go get a nice brunch or go shopping and I would hear nothing but “I am sorry” and “thank you so much for the new purse.” I guess the saying is correct; the truth does come out when you are drunk.

She Should be Compensated for Showing Up

My ex-girlfriend always seemed to think she should be compensated in some way just for showing up. Whether it was a dinner or a party, she not only assumed but required everything to be paid for by me. If your girlfriend gets offend because she is simply asked to pay for her own meal or drinks, this is a huge sign you may be dating a gold digger. When you are truly dating someone for love they will not make you pay a price just to hang out with them.

Makes You Pay for All Her Friends

Every now and then a guy will buy a round for all the ladies and this is completely normal. What is not normal is if you are picking up the tab for your girlfriends entire group of friends, all the time. If have over heard your girlfriend telling her friends, “come out tonight and of course boyfriend will pay for everything!” this is a clear sign gold digging is in action.

Older and Richer Men

If you take a look through her girlfriend’s Facebook or Instagram and notice her boyfriends keep getting older and richer, this is a good sign she may be a gold digger. This probably means she is climbing the boyfriend latter, meaning every time she meets a man who could provide more luxuries than her current man she jumps ship.

Dating Duds

Or worse than old guys, does she date duds? When browsing through her social media history is there a trend of her dating guys who are frumpy and dumpy looking? In other words does it look like she dates guys that she would NEVER date if they had no money? If this is the case, odds are her dating strategy probably has nothing to do with actually falling in love and more to do with the accumulation of cash.

Listen we all like nice stuff and having a great piece of arm candy is always welcomed. But remember everything has a price tag and some girls have a high costs and offer little value. So, shop wisely when it comes to women.

A beautiful shopaholic wife secretly robs money from husband pants pocket
A Beautiful Gold-Digger

Looking for Excitement and Adventure

My ex used to consider a helicopter ride as a standard date. The suggestion of a coffee date or long walk would send her into a tantrum. If your girl only want the best of the best at all times, this is a good sign she is a gold digger. When a girl is truly in love the simple things are the most romantic things. Conversely, when someone is avoiding intimacy every experience needs to be full of excitement and glamour.

Calculating Your Net Worth

My ex-girlfriend used to always be peeking over my sholder at the ATM or flipping through my mail inquisitively. If your girl spends more time thinking about your finances over her own, that is a good sign she is making sure you have enough funds to finance her lifestyle.

All her Friends are Gold Diggers

If you exam your girl’s circle of friends and you can plainly see all her friends seem to be dating guys whose bank accounts are much more appealing than their looks or personality, this could be a gold digger clique. Remember, the saying goes you are the sum of the 5 people you send the most time with.

Conservation is Stale

Do you find that you and your girl have very little in common and are usually left having nothing to say 15 minutes into a date? This is a good sign that the relationship is based on something other than the numerous activities and interests you commonly share. Come on, it is the money that is keeping her interested.

No Career to Speak Of

My ex girl never had a real job. Meaning she had no career aspirations and no goals of her own in regards to financial success. If a girl is not focusing on her own career and instead using a relationship as her long term financial strategy, it is official she is a gold digger.

Listen we all like nice stuff and having a great piece of arm candy is always welcomed. But remember everything has a price tag and some girls have a high costs and offer little value. So, shop wisely when it comes to women.

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