Why Japanese women with good jobs are the best wives from Asia

Japanese women

It can be seen that Japanese women who are well-educated tend to find decent jobs. In my view, these women are the best wives from East Asia because they are intelligent and capable.

  • A Japanese lady who works for the government is an ideal wife candidate.

Yumi (a 29-year-old Japanese woman – a government official): Public concern has arisen about whether the government should provide funding for arts or spend money on public health and education.  I tend to believe that the government should allocate more financial resources to public health and education.

Public health and education surely require more government funding for the following reasons.  The primary reason we have to take into consideration is that public health and education are the pre-requisite of a healthy society.  It is generally believed that looking after public health and education dramatically reduces the crime rate in the society.  Apart from that, public health and education are needed by most people.  It is widely acknowledged that more people rely on government funding in terms of public health and education; as a consequence, the needs of the majority must be catered for first.  More importantly, without public health and education, arts will not have any foundation to be appreciated.  In other words, nobody feels in the mood for arts if their needs for public health and education cannot be met.Japanese girl

I concede that arts play an important role in our life.  Despite that, the government must prioritize areas that require funding.  It is commonly accepted that public health and education require more funding than arts.

On balance, I would assert that the government would be well-advised to spend more money on public health and education so that the world can become a better place.

  • A Japanese woman who works as a therapist or a psychologist is wonderful wife material.

Yuka (a 28-year-old Japanese girl who works as a therapist in Tokyo): Concerning the issue of whether individuals should plan for the future or focus on the present, I believe that individuals definitely must plan for the future due to the following reasons.

Planning for the future has a wealth of benefits.  To start off with, a future-oriented person possesses more clear objectives and incentives.  It is a well-known fact that individuals who have goals know what they want, thereby having more certainty in life.  The second benefit is planning for the future motivates the individual.  As a matter of fact, most people’s motivation comes from their vision.  Above all, planning for the future makes a person’s development more sustainable.  Indeed, without a future plan, even successful people may feel disoriented and cannot understand why they want to be successful; as a result, they may not be able to enjoy their success.japanes dating

I recognize that focusing on the present can reduce distractions and temptations.  This is reasonable to the extent that focusing on the present makes a person more organized.  However, having said this, planning for the future is still not a waste of time because lack of future plans might result in irresponsible and unhealthy lifestyles.

In conclusion, I would argue that designing a future plan is much more important than focusing on the present.  Accordingly, it would be generally advisable for individuals to plan for their future first.

  • A Japanese woman who works as a teacher knows how to teach kids well, so she will become the best wife from Asia.

Miyuki (a 27-year-old Japanese lady who teaches English at school): With the development of modern technologies, the Internet is advancing at an amazing speed in present-day society.  But when it comes to whether distance-learning can replace schools, people hold conflicting views.  In my mind, distance-learning can never replace schools.

Schools definitely have more advantages than e-learning.  The primary advantage of schools is that traditional face-to-face learning cultivates students’ communication skills.  It is universally believed that a person’s communication skills are of vital importance in the contemporary world; thus, students have to learn communication skills well at school.  Another advantage of schools is that teachers are able to cater for students’ different needs in the classroom.  We all agree that when teachers can see students in the classroom, it is easier for teachers to identify students’ needs and take actions accordingly.  Last but not least, schools provide students with a healthy environment to expand their network.  One need only look at the value of sitting in the same classroom for years to see the value of friendships developed at school.japanes date

I admit that e-learning gives students more convenience so that students can learn knowledge and skills at home.  Nevertheless, e-learning does not offer any other real benefits except its convenience.  Based on this point, distance-learning should not replace schools.

In summary, online education may have certain merits, but schools can never be replaced by e-learning.  I am convinced that schools will keep offering great value in the future.

  • A Japanese woman who works as an artist is the most sought-after wife from Asia.

Because she tends to have a free spirit. In contrast, women with corporate jobs have been brainwashed by the mainstream culture

Ruru (a 30-year-old Japanese lady – an artist from Tokyo): Opinions differ about whether traditional values and ideas held by older generations can help younger generations to adapt to the modern lifestyle.  From my own perspective, traditional ideas and values are not obsolete in the present age.

Many traditional values and beliefs are timeless virtues that are still strongly relevant today.  In the first place, family is always important no matter it is the 18th century or the 21st century.  Obviously, for most people, the only unconditional love that can be found lies in the family.  In the second place, honesty should still be highly valued by modern people.  This is true in that honesty and integrity play a pivotal role in modern-day society where trust is the basis of almost everything we do.  Last but not least, respect for others is still important currently.  There is no doubt that more people actually prefer being respected than being liked at any time. free japan women

Yet some conservative ideas about the contemporary way of life might be reactionary.  An illustration of this point would be that traditionally, women are not supposed to be high achievers in the society.  Nevertheless, further analysis could clarify that the majority of traditional ideas are still beneficial today.

Therefore, we should not abandon all traditional beliefs and values simply because of some old-fashioned components.  The young should love, cherish and honor most conventional virtues and wisdom.

  • A Japanese woman who works for the zoo loves animals – she is a loving, nurturing and caring woman.

Mimi (a 32-year-old Japanese beauty who loves animals): Right now, people are divided over whether using animals for the benefit of humans is acceptable or not.  Personally, I strongly believe that using animals for human purposes is wrong.

Exploiting animals for the benefit of humans is problematic in the following ways.  Firstly, some scientific experiments which use animals are completely inhumane.  For example, students use animals to do experiments at school while studying biology – unfortunately, that also teaches students how to treat animals badly at the same time.  The second problem is each year many hunters violate the law.  One illustration of this is some businesses want to make more money, so they hire hunters to kill animals illegally for the sake of experiments.  Thirdly, killing animals makes the ecosystem further deteriorate.  In actuality, humans are sabotaging the ecosystem by killing more animals on purpose without realizing the consequences in the long term. A lot of Japanese ladies would agree with me.japanes women online

I would agree that animals are necessary when it comes to conducting research about new medicine to improve human health.  Nonetheless, closer examination would show that there are many volunteers that are happy to experience the experiments and research institutes are happy to pay them too.  This makes sense in that alternative methods can be used to replace utilizing animals.

According to the above-mentioned analysis, it is manifest that using animals for human purposes is not acceptable and alternative ways can be identified.

The Body Shop never enters the Chinese market because China requires all cosmetics to test on animals. Yet Japanese women seem to be more caring and loving in this regard.”

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