Are these Chinese women opinionated or sexy?

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It is said that not having an opinion is the least sexy trait that a person can have. That is to say, when you are able to express your unique opinions, you look sexier. How about these Chinese women below?

  • This Chinese lady thinks that English language shouldn’t dominate the world.

Lydia (a 22-year-old Chinese woman who studied Business English at university): In this age of change, English as a global lingua franca facilitates cross-cultural communication.  As a result, several languages die out each year, which is not important in some people’s opinion because life will be easier with fewer languages.  However, I disagree with this idea.

The disappearance of lesser-known languages leads to a range of issues.  First of all, the expansion of English erodes the cultural identity of other races.  More specifically, the prevalence of English can aggravate the sense of cultural inferiority among speakers of other languages.  In the second place, the disappearance of other languages causes the loss of other cultures.  For instance, Latin is already a dead language now because nearly nobody can speak this language in the world at the moment; therefore, the culture which backs up Latin is also lost.  Finally, loss of cultures could result in loss of heritage such as traditional values.  For example, some cultures highly value family and education; consequently, if those cultures are lost, many important and beneficial values will also be rendered obsolete, which is not helpful.

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Granted, life can be easier if people speak fewer languages in contemporary society.  Nevertheless, translators and interpreters will lose their jobs if more and more languages disappear – this is not good for global economy.  Therefore, it is clear that more languages generate more employment opportunities.

In conclusion, although English as a universal language enables cross-cultural communication, the importance of other languages should not be ignored.  As a consequence, I would assert that languages other than English must be respected, protected and preserved.

  • This Chinese woman claims that traditional culture should be maintained.

Lulu (a 34-year-old Chinese beauty who studied architecture at university): In present-day society, many cities face the issue of whether old buildings should be replaced by new buildings or not.  As I see it, old buildings should be maintained.

Historic buildings certainly have much value in various ways.  In the first place, a large number of historic buildings represent specific historical figures or events.  To be more exact, if such buildings were razed, there would be no precise representation of the corresponding figures and events anymore.  Further, some historic dwellings embody the unique lifestyle of ethnic groups.  Without a doubt, it could be an ethnological disaster if these buildings were demolished because of current urban needs.  Last but not least, many historic buildings have outstanding aesthetic value.  That means any replication can never show the ancient craftsmanship accurately.

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Surely, due to the rapid increase of urban population, some historic buildings should be knocked down in order to make room for high-rise apartment buildings.  Yet a more sensible solution to this problem can be developing urban transport so that people can easily live in nearby suburbs and commute easily every day.

To conclude, though old buildings may have occupied a lot of urban space, their value should not be neglected.  In light of the above factors, I firmly believe that historic buildings must be looked after by modern cities.

  • This Chinese woman wants to travel the world.

Ann (a 24-year-old Chinese woman who studied Tourism at university): At the present time, international tourism is a big industry.  Meanwhile, whether this trend has more benefits or more problems is a frequent topic of discussion.  From my perspective, international tourism is definitely beneficial in many ways.

International tourism creates great benefits on different levels.  First and foremost, it provides individuals opportunities to see a different culture first-hand.  According to my observation, visiting another country is a comprehensive experience, which is much more enjoyable than staring at another culture on a computer screen.  Additionally, international tourism boosts the economy of the host country.  Take Australia as an example.  During the previous decade, international tourism has produced numerous employment opportunities in various sectors of Australia.  In the third place, knowledge gained during overseas trips certainly helps eliminate a range of stereotypes tourists have about the host country.  In this way, individuals can expand their outlook and become worldlier.

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Of course, non-biodegradable litter left behind by tourists poses a big threat to the host country.  Nonetheless, tourist destinations can certainly establish relevant laws and regulations so that this issue can be addressed.  Once the economy of the host country has been enhanced by international tourism, it would be easier for the local government to implement effective strategies to solve this problem.

To sum up, in spite of the fact that international tourism may impede the environment of tourist destinations, the advantages of international tourism surely outbalances its disadvantages.

  • This Chinese stunner says the US public health system is better than the Canadian and Australian public health system.

Cynthia (a 31-year-old Chinese woman who has lived in the United States for one decade): In current society, whether public health is the government’s responsibility or individuals’ responsibility has aroused a debate.  From my point of view, public health should be individuals’ responsibility.

Individuals are supposed to be responsible for their own health for a variety of reasons.  To begin with, individuals know their own health better than others.  It is evident that the government cannot understand everyone’s needs realistically, thus individuals must shoulder the responsibility for looking after themselves.  Then, an individual’s self-discipline is the key to better health.  More exactly, nobody can replace an individual to manage their own lifestyle well in order to improve their health.  Moreover, individuals, especially adults, must realize that being responsible for their own health is also being responsible for the society.  In other words, if everyone is sabotaging their own health, there will be more burden for the society, which is not a place that people want to be.china ladies dating

Certainly, the government needs to provide sufficient support in terms of improving public health.  However, the government cannot do much apart from offering financial support and education in this area.  As a result, the ultimate responsibility still lies in individuals’ actions.

In sum, the government should contribute to public health, but individuals must be responsible for their own health.  In this way, people will be able to live in a more wholesome society.

  • This Chinese lady states that globalism is better than nationalism – very controversial!

Rhonda (a 32-year-old Chinese woman who promotes globalism internationally): Nowadays, multi-cultural societies are best characterized by people of different cultural backgrounds.  In my opinion, the fact that people of diverse cultural backgrounds live and work together brings more advantages than disadvantages. Many Chinese women would agree with me.

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Living and working in a multi-cultural society creates a wide variety of benefits.  To start with, people can broaden their horizons by living and working in a multi-cultural environment.  Specifically, different cultures generate different viewpoints and ideas, which helps people to better understand the world.  Besides, people from different cultural backgrounds contribute to the society in more creative ways.  Evidently, countries such as Australia and Canada have more festivals to celebrate because of their multi-cultural nature, which means rich cultures are fostered in these countries.  Above all, people from different cultures help the multi-cultural society boost its economy.  To be more specific, immigrants as well as their families and friends create a large amount of profit for the tourism industry, which directly generates more revenue for the multi-cultural society.

On the other hand, some arguments can be made that multi-cultural societies may have more conflicts.  The main reason for this is that people from different backgrounds may not understand each other well.  But closer examination would reveal that multi-cultural societies such as Australia and Canada have very low crime rates, as immigrants are carefully selected by governments.  It is manifest that multi-cultural societies actually have less to worry about in this respect.

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Having considered all the arguments above, I would conclude that multi-cultural societies enjoy more benefits overall.

In your opinion, which ideology is better, globalism or nationalism?

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