You ask, she answers: What do Southeast Asian women know about seducing men?

Southeast Asian women

We organized a seduction competition the other day: We invited several Southeast Asian women to join this competition & test their seduction knowledge and skills.

* Seduction competition (Part I: general knowledge)

  1. Speaking of eyeshadow shades, which hues are more seductive?

Best Answer: In most cases, light grey and light brown are the most powerful colors for eyeshadow.  Avoid any tint that does not exist in your natural tone.

  1. Talking about lip color, which colors make men want to kiss you?

Best Answer: Many women like bold red lips, yet I’m going to be very blunt here:  There is nothing wrong with wearing bold and red lipstick if it really makes you look very attractive, but most men do not want to kiss bold and red lips like that because they feel a little bit intimidated by the color.  Men are more likely to kiss you if you wear pink or rosy lip tint because light colors look more approachable. (Yes, more natural hues are actually more powerful).

  1. When the Southeast Asian woman on TV was using makeup to beautify her collarbones and cleavage, how exactly did she do that?

Best Answer: That Southeast Asian lady used a body lotion with shimmer on her collarbone area.  Alternatively, you can mix a beige eyeshadow, which has shimmer in it, with your body lotion to achieve the same effect.  As for the cleavage, she used a light brown eyeshadow to accentuate the cleavage and a beige eyeshadow on her breasts near the cleavage area to highlight the fullness of her breasts.Southeast Asian lady

  1. What scent/fragrance does a seductress use?

Best Answer:  These scents work very well to arouse sexual desire—white musk, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and rose, because when these scents travel to a person’s nose, the sexual reaction in the brain is activated.

  1. How can you know whether your partner is enjoying what you are doing during s*x?

Best Answer: Usually, you can tell from their reaction.  If you are really not sure, just ask them short yes/no questions such as “would you like me to stroke slower?”

  1. What are the main complaints from women in terms of s*x?

Best Answer: A. Whenever a man initiates s*x, the foreplay is too short, and he pushes her head down so that she can lick his Johnson quickly.Southeast Asian ladies

During intercourse, the man’s Johnson becomes slightly soft, and the woman’s honeypot doesn’t get enough stimulation.

Does the size of the Johnson matter?

Best Answer: There are different sizes of condoms in the market in many countries, but the difference is not dramatic.  The most important factor is not how big a Johnson is.  I think a more important factor is the hardness of the Johnson.  Most importantly, a woman wants her lover to implement the art of lovemaking.  I know this sounds corny, but in the second decade of the 21st century, you would still be surprised by the number of men who are only obsessed with the size of their Johnsons.

* Seduction Competition – Part II (Bizarre but Very Important)

  1. Won’t a Southeast Asian woman become a dry biscuit after menopause?

Best Answer: There is a myth even in modern-day society that women’s sexuality dies after menopause.  That’s completely untrue.  Indeed, women’s vaginal juice will decrease after menopause, but it doesn’t mean women’s libido will also decrease.  There is a very easy way to tackle this conflict between lack of vaginal juice and the high libido – simply apply some olive oil outside the honeypot and inside the honeypot.

Let me put it this way: When we grow old, we may lose some teeth, but we don’t stop eating.  Yet when we grow old and lose vaginal juice, should we stop having s*x?  Of course not!  Keep enjoying s*x and do it in different positions!  Exercise your orgasmic muscles in your 80s and beyond.  That’s the real fountain of youth.

  1. Both my partner and I are nervous during s*x, and suddenly myJohnson can’t be taken out from herhoneypot at all! We are stuck.  What should we do?

Best Answer: The more nervous you become, the harder it’s going to be to take it out.  Ring the ambulance, and both of you will be sent to the hospital.  The doctor will give the lady a particular injection so that muscles can relax, thereby allowing the Johnson to leave the honeypot.  This is more normal than you think (people just don’t talk about it), so don’t feel embarrassed.Southeast Asian girl

  1. Question from a 30-year-old Southeast Asian lady: His thrusts were too strong. So strong that my honeypot is bleeding—I think the inside walls of my honeypot is bleeding.  What should I do?

Best Answer: See a doctor and the doctor will check if your honeypot is torn or not.  If it is injured due to the heavy thrusts from his Johnson, then the doctor will do a small surgery for you to mend the inside walls of the honeypot.  This is not very common, but it happens.

    1. During childbirth, a Southeast Asian woman had some vaginal tears, so there were a few stitches at the entrance of herhoneypot. Now it’s very difficult for herpartner to enter her.  Why is this happening?  Did the doctor give her one extra and unnecessary stitch or is the entrance of herhoneypot smaller now?

Best Answer: When there is a scar at the entrance of herhoneypot, both the man and the woman feel a bit scared before penetration.  That’s more likely to be the reason why her partner can’t enter her.  After giving birth to a child, the East Asian woman should wait for three months before having s*x again—allow your scar to heal first, and the scar will become soft in three months.

  1. Question from a 19-year-old Southeast Asian girl: As a virgin, I have tried to have s*x with my boyfriend. But he couldn’t enter me at all, no matter how hard we tried!  I nearly had a tear near my honeypot.  What should I do?East Asian woman

Best Answer:  There are two possibilities (the first possibility is more likely to be your situation.):

  1. You are too nervous. Fear of the pain caused by the first penetration makes you scared.  You need to relax by having more foreplay and reading more erotica as opposed to watching porn (partly because women are more likely to be aroused by a text rather than a video, and partly because porn gives women a wrong expectation such as “I should be aroused that fast.”)  Also, you can try to put his cock inside your honeypot with your hands—you put it in by sitting on top. In fact, this can allow you to control the speed of penetration as well as how you are penetrated to reduce fear.
  2. Congenital Absence of Honeypot is a very rare abnormality. The entrance of the honeypot can be 2mm only.  An operation can be done in order to manually/artificially create a honeypot for intercourse.  Some women with this condition can still give birth to children, provided the womb is developed well, but a C-section is a must.
  3. Question from a 22-year-old girl from Southeast Asia: My labia are too big and that makes me feel uncomfortable. What should I do?best asian wife

Best Answer: In most cases, you don’t need a surgery.  After menopause, the labia will shrink a bit due to hormonal changes.  In your daily life, you may wear jeans less frequently, and wear dresses and skirts more often, so that you can feel more comfortable.

Many Southeast Asian ladies understand men so well.

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