Japanese Women Dating Site Presents Insights Into Singles’ Mentality

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In 2003 a book called Barking from a Distance by the Defeated Dogs was published in Japan. This book was later translated into Chinese. In this popular book, ‘a defeated dog’ refers to a single woman who is over 30 years old. That means if you are a Japanese woman without a ring on your finger by 30 years of age, you are defeated, excluded by the mainstream society, and laughed at by others around you. It seems that Japanese girls have lots of pressure at a young age!a young Japanese woman with short haircut i

Maybe the Asian society is dominated by men and women are supposed to be submissive in Japanese tradition. The famous book, Barking from a Distance by the Defeated Dogs, became a TV show in Taiwan, and then became another TV show in South Korea. Clearly, many single women are highly stressed in these countries. No wonder such TV shows are so popular – people certainly have paid close attention to them.

Fourteen years after that book was published, in 2017 a Japanese women dating website advised single ladies to proactively look for love, and here are some interesting insights:

If a Japanese woman wants to live a comfortable life, she needs to psychologically strike a balance. Everyone mentally needs a security network which usually consists of the following elements: a meaningful career, enough money, family bonds, love, sex, health, true friends, hobbies and spirituality. An ideal life should have all of these, but oftentimes you can’t have everything, then what you have can support what you don’t have, but what you have can’t replace what you don’t have.

Love is like a mirror. Your love life shows who you really are.

If you are a single Japanese lady over 40 years old, then having kids isn’t on your to-do list anymore, so you are now completely free. From now on, no matter how old you are, you always have opportunities to fall in love or get married – every day is a good day. In that case, you don’t need to worry about your partner’s age, looks, status and money; you only need to see who can make your life better. Isn’t that liberating?a sexy young Japanese girl with curly hair

If a Japanese beauty decides to be single forever, she should start to save money now. In this way, she can afford to go to the best nursing home when she needs to. Her money will look after her! Also, money gives her freedom in life. She can choose whatever lifestyle that she wants to have.

Nowadays a growing number of Japanese ladies choose to be single without feeling bad at all. With the development of the society, getting married isn’t the only standard to evaluate the happiness in life. Single ladies also live glamorous lifestyles in this day and age. At the same time, both men and women are looking for equal, mutually beneficial and flexible relationships.
Love is like a mirror. Your love life shows who you really are.

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