Do ladies have it easier on an international dating website?

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Ladies and gentlemen operate differently in various ways, including in their love lives. Let me give you an example:

How a woman asks a man the exclusivity question“What are we?”
How a man asks a woman the exclusivity question“Now other women are hitting on me and I need to know what to say to those women.”


So, as you can see from the table above, men and women think differently. Men are more analytical, whereas women are more emotional. Male language and female language are very different!

  • It’s not easy for men to get women nowadays, so international dating sites are becoming more popular.

Several decades ago, so long as a guy had a shower every morning and had a real job, he was able to marry a decent woman. Yet today, a man who has a shower every morning and has a real job cannot even find a decent girlfriend, not to mention marrying a good wife.

These days a growing number of dating coaches are giving relationship advice, psychotherapists are giving marriage advice & counsellors are giving s*x advice. There are mainstream dating sites, senior dating sites, hook-up dating sites, international dating sites, and so forth. Why are these niches becoming increasingly specific in modern-day society?international dating website

Truthfully, this is because dating, attraction and relationships are getting so much harder in this day and age. In today’s day and age, if a man wants to meet an attractive woman, he must work harder. First of all, he needs to have status. Second of all, he needs to be presentable. Third, he has to be exciting. It sounds like really hard work!

Small wonder things do not look great for the average guy right now. Indeed, we are living in an era when the majority of ladies are looking to date men who are out of their league. RSD Tyler even said, “A hot girl wants to meet a guy that she does not even deserve.” This is so sad but true.

Tips on International Dating

A major study in North America shows that gentlemen with the following careers get more female attention on dating sites, including international dating websites:

  1. Celebrity photographers
  2. Celebrity makeup artists
  3. Celebrity fashion stylists
  4. Celebrity chefs
  5. Instagram influencers
  6. Model agency brand managers
  7. Upmarket event managers
  8. Doctors
  9. Lawyers
  10. Entrepreneurs
  11. Business owners
  12. CEOs
  13. Pilots
  14. Youtubers

That’s exactly why Gary Vaynerchuk said, “A lot of guys write ‘entrepreneur’ on their Instagram profiles so as to get laid as entrepreneurship is very cool right now. However, entrepreneurship is lonely, stressful and very difficult. In reality, your employees aren’t even working for you because you are literally working for your employees.”hook-up dating sites

According to a survey conducted on elite dating sites and international dating sites, it is obvious that men with high-profile jobs are really doing well in the dating department – doctors and lawyers. Also, entrepreneurs can definitely get laid via online dating as well. Now the real question is: How many guys have high-profile jobs in reality? Sadly, the majority of guys do not really have high-profile jobs.

Also, celebrity photographers and Instagram influencers are very sought-after guys on dating sites. Jordan Harbinger once said, “Real celebrities are actually great people. But social media influencers are pretty bad – they are very arrogant and even ignorant when they are treating people in real life.”

At a popular Business Chicks’ event in Australia, when someone asked Shelly Horton “What do young people want to achieve these days?”, Shelly Horton literally said, “They want to be famous?” (Shelly Horton is a well-known TV presenter and entrepreneur in Australia. She is the host of most events for Business Chicks and has her own media training company which teaches women how to find their inner Beyoncé and become truly confident. I really admire Shelly’s skills and insights.)

Internet blogger Roosh V writes, “A lady is feeding her devil when she is looking to sleep with exciting men with status. A lady is feeding her angel when she is looking to marry a good man and have children.” Apparently, many women in western countries are feeding their devils according to Roosh V’s standards, whilst many women in other countries are feeding their angels (these women are on international dating websites).free dating advice

  • Ladies only have it easier when they feed their angels instead of their devils.

Unfortunately, ladies who are looking to hook up with exciting men won’t have it easier when it comes to Internet dating because:

  • Powerful men are already surrounded by attractive girls in real life;
  • Powerful men do not have to get married now.

Feeding a woman’s devil is the fast-track to short-term fun and long-term loneliness / frustration.

Traditionally-minded ladies tend to feed their angels because they are more dating site

Quote: “On international dating sites, there are more traditionally-minded women.”

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