Three Stages of Love with Singaporean Women Dating Sites

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Singapore, the most vibrant and exciting city/country in South Asia, has the most beautiful women in this region. We have had the honor to interview Bill K., Compliance Officer of a leading Singaporean women dating website. His three stages of love could easily become the best idea about dating and relationships in today’s day and age.a gorgeous Singapore woman

* Stage 1: Building attraction. At this stage, sexual chemistry is key. Singaporean girls fall in love with you at Stage 1. If she doesn’t find you attractive in the first place but she still wants to be with you, that usually means she wants your money and/or status only. Be careful. People don’t change. How they treat others and who they are will never change. So if a Singaporean lady isn’t attracted to you, she never will. You should know it at Stage 1. Only date women who physically like you.

* Stage 2: Building trust. This is probably the most important stage of all because this stage determines whether she is ‘the one’. You can find many people attractive, but you can’t trust all of them. Physical beauty is common, yet trust isn’t that common. Not every woman is ‘the one’. You have to be more discerning and selective. Ask yourself, ‘Does she invest in me? Has she ever gone out of her way to do anything for me? What will she offer twenty years later when her good looks are gone? Do we share the same values? Do we have a shared vision? Are there any mutual benefits if I marry her?’ It’s time to be down-to-earth.

The abilities to express emotions and handle conflict are the most important part in a long-term relationship.

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* Stage 3: Building commitment. This stage is all about loyalty. Although monogamy isn’t really human nature, it is the standard practice in modern Western countries. Therefore, now Stage 3 is best characterized by building your monogamous relationship with your Singaporean girlfriend. You don’t necessarily need to have the same interests to function as a couple, but you have to be compatible in how you express affection and handle conflict. The abilities to express emotions and handle conflict are the most important part in a long-term relationship.

* What kills attraction? Emotional neediness is the single biggest factor that kills attraction between you and your Singaporean beauty. Neediness means you are highly invested in someone else rather than yourself. Women from Singapore can smell your neediness from a mile away. A high-value man doesn’t display neediness because a high-value man has a low level of investment while interacting with hot women. That’s why hot women consider these men high status men.

* What builds a healthy relationship? ‘Actually, vulnerability builds a healthy relationship. By that I mean you can put yourself in a position where you say a joke that may not be funny or assert an opinion that may offend others,’ says Bill, ‘That doesn’t mean you should be rude or nasty, but it does mean you are not validated by what others think of you.’

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