Sleeping with hot girls: How to convert phone numbers into actual dates


While women think men are having a lot of sex, men actually have much less sex than women think. As a matter of fact, because of the hectic lifestyle in modern cities as well as social media, many men don’t even go out. And when some men do go out, many of them don’t have the courage to approach hot women. And when they do approach hot women, many of them are rejected by women. And when they aren’t rejected, they get women’s phone numbers. But the problem is – many of them don’t know how to convert phone numbers into actual dates because some women simply give you a phone number so that you will walk away!

  • When you are texting a hot girl and she replies text messages, don’t get into a long texting “conversation” – you have to call her because you know her phone is in her hands right now – she doesn’t have a reason to ignore the phone call. If a woman has the time to text you for an hour, she definitely has the time to speak to you on the phone. I understand that a growing number of people don’t enjoy talking on the phone these days. Gary Vaynerchuk did a survey – he asked his followers, “Who actually feels annoyed when somebody calls you?” – The finding is more and more people feel annoyed because they prefer texting, i.e. they want to respond to other people’s enquiries when they actually have time to do so. Of course, if you got a real 10’s phone number, chances are she is also a busy woman with a successful career; therefore, she may not be able to talk to you on the phone at a random hour. However, most women aren’t as busy as men, so they do have the time to speak to you on the phone. That’s why you must call them! When you actually talk to an attractive lady on the phone, you are increasing your chance of seeing her in person because it’s always harder to reject you when you two are having a real conversation rather than texting. Remember: it’s always easier for a hot woman to reject you when you ask her out via texting because she has much more time to think about it before she replies a text message.attractive-woman
  • When you ask a girl out, you shouldn’t ask her a yes/no question. Never ask a hot girl, “Would you like to go out with me?” – That’s so lame because this question gives the girl too much space to reject you: 1) a yes/no question means she has the power to say no; 2) a generic question which doesn’t suggest the specific details of a date means she finds it hard to say yes – she is not sure what the date will look like, so why should she accept this offer? Therefore, you must avoid yes/no questions in this case. Another lame question is “Could you go to XYZ coffee shop with me tomorrow?” – This is also bad because now she has two things to consider: 1) “Can I go out tomorrow?” 2) “Do I want to go out with this guy?” Remember: The more things a hot girl has to worry about, the less likely she will go out with you. Hence, it is your responsibility to eliminate as many questions as possible in her head. Also, a coffee date doesn’t really excite a really hot woman because she probably has done much better things. That’s why a much better way to ask her out is, “I’m going to XYZ this Friday night to see the performance of ABC (a local artist’s name). This artist is amazing. I think you should come!” – It’s not even a question; it’s a statement which shows your confidence and certainty. Now the sexy girl probably only has one question to ask herself, “Can I go out this Friday?”approach-hot-women
  • When you take an attractive woman out for the first date, don’t make it an interview if you aren’t looking for a wife anyway (you are looking for pussy only). Let’s say you go to see the performance of ABC at XYZ on Friday night with this new girl you’ve just met. This is a great way to build a rapport with her without too much effort – dinner dates are a lot of effort because you must maintain a good conversation (and dinner dates are expensive); seeing a local artist’s performance together is a much cheaper option (sometimes it can be free) & you don’t have to entertain the sexy girl because she is entertained by the professional entertainer. Thus, this is a low investment. Better still, seeing a performance together means the sexy woman has an opportunity to dress up for a special event, so she will associate you with upscale venues, which increases your perceived value. Only take her out for a dinner date after she has slept with you because a dinner date should be a reward for giving you good sex. If you pay for dinner too early, you will definitely have more bills to pay later in this relationship (even if it’s just a casual/short-term relationship).


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