12 Sex Tips You Have Probably Never Heard of

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Sex should bring us pleasure and nothing more – it’s as clear as day. So how about looking at it from a different perspective? In this article, we’ve put together twelve interesting sex tips that you probably never heard of.

  • Men also have a G-spot
    All those talks about a G-spot, allowing women to achieve maximum pleasure, are so popular that many guys start asking if men have a similar “button.” You’ll be surprised, but they have. It’s located directly under the bladder and can increase men’s sensations several times if stimulated correctly.
  • Women’s sexual desires are connected to their cycles
    Nature has so ordered that a woman experiences the greatest sexual desire during her period. It’s all about hormones and an increase in testosterone levels during the period, which causes a strong intimate attraction to her partner. The work of this sexual mechanism is not accidental: thus, nature forces a woman to get pregnant by all means. So be sure to follow your girlfriend’s cycle. passionate couple making love
  • 10 minutes is enough
    It turned out that a perfect sex should last only 10 minutes. Scientists believe that when exceeding the limit, one of the partners simply gets bored. Here are some more numbers: a 2-minute period is too short, 3-7 minutes would be enough for passionate sex, and a 12-minute period is too much.
  • Sex can improve memory
    A recent study showed that regular sex improves the ability of the female brain to memorize words and whole phrases. This is due to an increase in blood flow to the hippo campus region of the brain.
  • The left side of a woman’s body is the most sensitive
    There’s a specific zone on a woman’s body that is the most sensitive. This mysterious spot, which brings the highest pleasure, is located in the left upper square of the clitoris. With its help, you can bring your partner truly unforgettable sensations.
  • Size really doesn’t matter
    Studies have shown that women are much more likely to dump partners with a larger size, as this gives them “pain and discomfort.”

Sex should bring us pleasure and nothing more. In this article, we’ve put together twelve interesting sex tips that you probably never heard of.

  • Oral sex makes penis longer
    At least that’s how it seems to men. Polls showed that those of them, who regularly get oral sex from their partner, assess the size of the penis as bigger than it actually is.
  •  Apples are excellent aphrodisiacs
    We’ve all heard of such aphrodisiacs as strawberries and oysters, but ordinary apples can also increase sexual attraction. Women, who eat apples more than once a day, experience a better sexual function and a permanent attraction to a partner, unlike those who don’t.
  • Women seem more attractive during ovulation
    Even though they don’t know about it, men are subconsciously more attracted to women in their period. That’s another reason to follow your girlfriend’s cycle.a couple of feet in bed
  • Socks can help reach orgasm
    Ordinary cotton socks can make your sex better. No matter how ridiculous this may sound, socks are the way to orgasm. Researchers found out that it’s much easier to reach the highest pleasure if your feet are warm.
  • Women can experience an infinite number of orgasms
    Studies show that women often have several orgasms in a row. If you use the right techniques and take your partner’s desires into account, you can make her reach orgasm as many times as she wants. While men experience a refractory period after each orgasm and need some time to recover, women have the opportunity to experience pleasure without any breaks more than once.
  • Women think about sex more often
    Numerous polls showed that girls think about sex more often than men, and, in addition to this, would like to have more of it in their life. According to studies, about 53% of women admitted that they don’t have sex as often as they would like.

That’s pretty much all. If you’re looking for something particular, like pleasing a Slavic lady in bed, be sure to check out these rules of sex with a Russian girlfriend.

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