Why a marriage with a hot wife should be a temporary contract

hot wife should be a temporary contract

If the divorce rate is 50% and 30% of the rest are unhappily married, that means the marriage institution doesn’t really work in modern-day society because the failure rate is actually 80%. In fact, it’s wrong to make a marriage a permanent contract.

  • It’s better if a marriage with a sexy woman is a temporary contract. Some experts claim that a five-year contract is good for a marriage, i.e. the husband and the wife sit down together every five years to see if they would like to renew the contract. Also, in the contract, both the husband and the sexy wife can specify what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. They can also write down their expectations in the contract in detail. Some couples may even want to include the consequences of violating the contract as well. That’s a great way to manage a marriage. Personally, I think it should be even better if a marriage is an annual contract because nowadays five years is already too long. A marriage requires constant maintenance, so an annual contract requires both the husband and the hot wife to sit down together and do an annual review at the end of the year. In this way, they will know how to work on their marriage in the new year. Isn’t that more beneficial?

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  • When you know your marriage is only a temporary contract, you cherish it more. After being married for a few years, some couples take each other for granted. And that’s very common. No wonder the divorce rate is so high in contemporary society. But if a marriage is only an annual contract, you must behave well in order to keep your spouse, right? Also, there is usually less conflicts in a marriage when both the man and the hot woman know it’s not permanent – they can leave if they are unhappy with the marriage. That’s the very definition of freedom in marriage.

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  • Even if this concept isn’t mainstream, you may still consider signing a temporary contract with your gorgeous girl before getting married. Your marriage is an important part of your life. As a matter of fact, it’s the most important part of your life because it directly affects your happiness. When you decide to marry a hot girl, you can tell her that you’d like to sign a contract with her so that the contract can hold both of you accountable. If you can explain this to her carefully, she will understand what you mean and will accept this idea. For example, you can say this to your sexy girlfriend, “Baby, I love you and we are going to get married. I just would like to let you know that I want to be with you so much that I don’t want to ruin our marriage. Clearly, most long-term relationships don’t work nowadays and that’s not something that I want to see in our relationship. So, I think it’s a good idea for us to create a contract which clarifies what we should do and shouldn’t do after getting married, and we can do an annual review each year. Is that okay?” When your gorgeous girlfriend hears this, how can she say no?

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  • What should you include in the contract? The first item in the contract should be how long it is valid for, e.g. it’s valid for one year and is subject to annual review on 31st Then you can include how often you have sex with your beautiful wife, e.g. twice a week (on Wednesday night and on Sunday night). You can also write down how many kids you plan to have. Ideally, you must include how to manage finances together, e.g. every fortnight, you have a money date with your sexy lady. Because financial problem is the No. 1 reason for divorce, you can’t ignore that. You can even include who does what at home, e.g. your wife cooks dinner every night; you do the dishes every night (cooking at home frequently is good for Feng Shui!) If you are financially abundant, you can even write down how many times you and your gorgeous lady travel overseas, e.g. visiting New Zealand in March and visiting Australia in October. However, you shouldn’t be too pedantic, i.e. never write down which side of her cheek you kiss goodbye every morning before you go to work.
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