Top 5 Reasons Why Hot Women Leave You

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Dating a hot woman is a skill, whereas keeping a hot woman is an art form. Today I’d like to talk about why hot women leave men they love.

Reason #1: If you are bad in bed…

According to Dale Carnegie, at least 90% of divorces are caused by sexual problems. You can verify this point in his most famous book of all time How to Win Friends and Influence People in which Dale Carnegie emphasized the importance of being good in bed. This is not me trying to convince you and tell you why you should learn something from me. It was already pointed out by world-renowned experts decades ago. When sex is good, it represents 33% of the relationship because it’s one pillar of dating and relationships (watch this space because I will introduce the other two pillars in the future). But when sex is bad, it represents 80% of the relationship. Therefore, if you are bad in bed, it’s time for you to be honest with yourself and figure this area out as soon as possible. Otherwise, your hot girlfriend would leave you because hot women don’t lack options and there are many attractive men looking at them right now.a woman leaving her man

Reason #2: If you are moody…

A moody man has unbalanced female energy inside him. In other words, if a man is moody, that means he has too much female energy because female energy is emotional. Dating a moody man is like dating a high-maintenance teenage girl, which isn’t something that a really hot woman would prefer, so she has to leave the draining relationship. Also, when you have too much female energy, she will have to have much more male energy in order to balance the relationship, but sadly, oftentimes your very sexy girlfriend doesn’t enjoy being a masculine woman because that’s not her natural state.

Dating a hot woman is a skill, whereas keeping a hot woman is an art form. 

Reason #3: If you are a liar…

From a hot woman’s perspective, this is the biggest red flag – the guy she is dating is a liar. Some typical examples: 1) You lie about small things – that means you are constantly thinking about how to benefit yourself all the time. 2) You lie in order to get something from her or get her to do something that you want – when she finds out the truth, she knows you are a manipulative liar, so she would begin to plan her exit strategy. 3) You can’t keep your promises. In an attractive woman’s mind, that’s also lying. Not being able to keep your promises is a very unmanly quality. Worse still, some men combine the second situation with the third situation, i.e. they lie in order to get their sexy girlfriends to do something they want (they promise something first), but in the end, after their hot girlfriends have done what they want, these pathetic men can’t keep their promises – interestingly, these men actually think they are very smart guys because they can manipulate women with their words. However, unfortunately, in the long term, their hot women will definitely leave them as long as there is a way out.a woman leaving her man

Reason #4: If you treat your hot girlfriend differently around her family…

If Reason #3 is verbal dishonesty, then Reason #4 is behavioral dishonesty. A typical example is when her parents are around, you behave very differently and treat her very differently. Maybe you don’t really respect her behind her parents’ back, but once her parents are around, you are a changed person: You look after her, you treat her very well, and you make her parents believe that you are the one for her. And the worst part is you actually think you are clever and well-calibrated. But if you really think so, then you are wrong. A truly hot woman is not dumb, so she has witnessed everything and is planning on leaving you already.

Reason #5: If you don’t work and only live on her hard work…

Making money is hard, especially in today’s day and age. If you are not disabled and you rely on your hot girlfriend financially, then probably you won’t be able to keep the sexy woman for a long time because there are many capable men who are able to protect and provide for her. (However, if she is your sugar momma, that’s a different story.)

Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully the above-mentioned scenarios never happen to you!

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