How to get out of your head and get into your body while dating hot women


Many men who work as engineers, doctors and lawyers are way too analytical to interact with hot girls in a sexy way. That’s why a lot of gorgeous women are attracted to creative and artistic losers who don’t even treat them well. Now let’s talk about how to switch off your analytical brain and be present in your body.

  • Read more fiction books. According to health expert Shawn Stevenson, reading fiction books can stimulate your creative brain, thereby making you funnier and more spontaneous. Therefore, if you only read non-fiction books for pragmatic purposes, it’s time to start reading more novels. In fact, many psychologists argue that psychology can only treat symptoms; it can’t treat the root cause. Only literature, art and religions can treat the root cause of mental problems. Obviously, if you read more novels, you will become more creative. After gaining some insights from romantic novels, you can become the most romantic guy in hot girls’ eyes as long as you implement what you’ve learned from those novels – yes, compared to a standard dating book, there are many more examples in romantic novels that you can imitate!charming-girl-drinking
  • Watch Mad Men. Mad Men is a fantastic TV show that you shouldn’t miss out on because Don Draper can teach you exactly how to seduce hot women step by step. Thus, if you aren’t into reading novels, you can choose the video form of this genre, i.e. watching a TV show which shows you how to get laid. Just follow Don Draper’s examples and you’ll be able to hustle gorgeous girls into bed as well. You not only need to learn Don Draper’s seduction techniques, but also need to learn how he carries himself in general because that’s a very classic example of a perfect seducer!slim-sexy-women
  • Have a full-body massage regularly. If you want to awaken your inner creative, you should have a full-body massage on a regular basis. This includes scalp massage, facial, back massage, arms massage and legs massage. When you are enjoying this bliss with relaxing music in the background at a spa, you just focus on the sensation on your body and ignore the noises in your head. Ideally, you should have a massage before each date with a sexy lady so that you look more present and relaxed during the date. Better still, the spa should use some essential oils on your body while giving you the massage treatment, so your body will smell incredibly nice when you are on the date with your sexy girlfriend. She will be turned on by you immediately without knowing why! Dr Christiane Northrup wrote a best-selling book in which she states that everyone should buy massage packages in bulk because everybody needs that kind of relaxation in this day and age when people are constantly stressed out by work. It issaid thatan individual should have at least one massage per month.gorgeous-women-online
  • Listen to music while watching music videos. Again, art is the ultimate cure for any mental illness. If your brain can’t think straight or you are too analytical, you should switch off your analytical brain by watching some music videos for inspiration. A good example is Charlie Puth’s Attention in which you can see his sexiness while interacting with a hot girl. Just observe how he projects his sexiness and charm in slow motion.teenage-friends-love
  • Fully enjoy the beauty of your beautiful girlfriend. When you are on a date with a sexy girl, really look at her closely – observe her gorgeous hair, her soft skin, her long eye lashes, her luscious lips, her big breasts, her girly dress, her high heels and her pretty nails. When you appreciate her beauty at this level, she will feel closer to you because she has worked hard on herself before meeting you for the date. As a result, when she realizes that you actually appreciate her effort, she will like you even more because she will be impressed by your positive reaction. By the way, don’t forget to implement what you’ve learned from romantic novels and TV shows when you take a hot lady out for a date! Your effort will certainly pay you dividends later in your love life.

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