Mistakes Men Make on the First Date

mistake on first date

A first date is a stressful event, even for a self-confident womanizer. What can be said about those who are not experienced in the amorous affairs? Some men, despite their unpleasant appearance, are popular among beautiful women, and others, having an excellent education and the appearance of Apollo, are not able to attract any of them no matter how hard they try. Often, men make the same mistakes. So, what are the mistakes of men on the first date?

They can’t choose the right place for a date

A cinema, a nightclub, and similar establishments are the places where you shouldn’t spend your first date at all. They are dark or noisy. Remember that her decision, whether she wants to go on a second date with you, depends on what kind of impression you make on the first date. And it is impossible to make a good impression in such places. Impressing the woman is necessary even it was love at first sight.

They are late on a date

If anyone can be late, then it is only a woman. And there are a lot of reasons for it: she does an ideal makeup, curls hair, tries on three dresses, jeans with a blouse and trouser suit, realizes that the orange shoes don’t match any of these outfits, and so on. But it is unforgivable for men to be late: if you delay even for 20 minutes, you risk to get the reputation of an unreliable and simply ill-mannered person.first date mistake

They don’t plan everything in advance

You should have a clear plan even before the beginning of a date. You have to know where you will invite a girl, where you will have dinner, etc. Even if something goes wrong, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you have a certain plan. Believe me, no girl wants to hear the words “Do you have any idea where we may go?” Especially, Russian beauties. Any representative of the beautiful half of humanity waits for an initiative from a man – just accept it and plan everything.

Some men, despite their unpleasant appearance, are popular among beautiful women, and others, having an excellent education and the appearance of Apollo, are not able to attract any of them no matter how hard they try. 

They want to know everything

Don’t ask a lot of stupid questions. And also, she doesn’t need to know about all the sores of your dog or what color was your room in childhood. The first conversation should be on neutral topics and in any case not about sex positions! This may seem too intimate theme for many girls.

They begin to rush things

It is not appropriate to hint at the fact that it’s time to start more intimate communication when a girl is still not ready for it. Of course, much depends on the purpose of communication – whether it’s a “one-night” meeting or a man wants a long and romantic relationship. A girl, who needs serious, deep and lasting relationships, will not be with a man who has the desire to have sex as soon as possible. Usually, single moms don’t want to rush things. (https://bridesdating.com/blog/category-relationships-advice/post-how-to-pick-up-single-russian-moms/)

They pay attention to other girls

Since your choice fell on this particular girl, then be kind, don’t give signs of attention to other ladies, don’t look at every of them and don’t evaluate every beauty passing by. Even if it is just male instincts, you should pick up yourself and spend this evening with one girl. Otherwise, it could be your last date. Girls have a unique peripheral vision, and even if it seems to you that your look at other women will be unnoticed – you are deeply mistaken.first date mistake

They pay attention to the particular parts of body

While she tells how spaceships plow the expanses of the Universe, her peripheral vision keeps your eyes. Therefore, any attempt to evaluate her hips and the length of the legs will be seen and regarded as immoral behavior. Wait for a while. Don’t show all your intentions at once.

They talk about exes

And it doesn’t matter what exactly you say. A girl will respond very negatively to the fact that a man speaks badly about the one with whom he spent a lot of time (including pleasant), and to the fact that he speaks about his ex-beloved suspiciously well. Every girl wants to feel unique and such mentions about ex-girlfriends prevent it in every possible way.

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