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AsianMelodies Review

How the site looks at the first glance: has a simple and stylish design, in white and purple colors. There isn’t a visible gallery of female members that is often used on other dating sites for attracting male users. It’s probably safer for the girls, but a bit enigmatic for the men. On the layout, there is just a movie shoot at the moment that depicts a nice-looking Asian woman. On the front page, there is a registration form that allows to sign up by filling just 5 basic rows: sex, name, Birthday date, Email address, password. One has to mark that he accepts the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then the site guarantees the high quality service, safety, and professional customer support.

It is also promised on the front page that the site will never reveal one’s personal information although there are some moments in the Privacy Policy concerning that which should be thoroughly studied by future user.

The introductory text tells about the company that embraces over 30 countries. It focuses on such a priority as the long-time relationships. There is also a reference to many success stories that are happening on the site every day, and a list of available options of payment.

In the bottom of page, there is a statement about a big database, qualitative matching, and the scam/fraud protection. Therefore, at first glance, the site looks very pleasant and trustworthy.


Signing up:

After a quick entering of basic info on the front page, one is redirected to the questionnaire for a more detailed data. It’s still a free process.

The first question aims to define who exactly you are looking for: a woman who is good with kids; a woman who already has kids; a long-term relationship; marriage; a penfriend; a casual relationship; online friendship; online flirting. These categories do not exclude each other but they help to set up the priorities.

The next step is choosing the age range. Any age range can be chosen between 18 and 90 y.o.

Then, surprisingly, again the question about a woman’s children.

After that one can choose the preferable height range and weight range.

The 7th step is defining the preferable body type, among the 6 suggested types.

Hard-drinking is never good for the relationship: the next step is defining the woman’s preferable attitude towards the alcohol.

The same comes about smoking.

The next bunch of questions is about one’s city, country, Birthday (you can confirm or correct the information you put before), height, body type, marital status (married status isn’t allowed), the presence of children and willingness to have more, education level, religion, occupation, drinking and smoking habits, and finally, one can add a long, unlimited self-description.

The final step is uploading a photo from the device gallery or taking a picture with one’s cam. If he decides to skip this part, he is kindly reminded that members with the photos receive more attention.

After this, a person gets the access to the profiles of the opposite sex. He just needs to activate the account by following the link sent to his email. When such an automatic letter arrives, it can be directed to the Spam folder so one should be attentive; also there is a postal address in the bottom of the letter.

The automatic letter of confirmation is composed in a simple and classical way, with advertising pictures and banners, but there’s no option “click if the registration is made by mistake” which could be an additional protection.AsianMelodies-top-review

Female profiles quality

It can be easily seen that women’s profiles on AsianMelodies are of a very good quality. Those are both studio photos and casual selfies but in all cases, the girls are very young or at least youthful, exclusively slim, and attractive. The majority of girls have long hair and wear feminine dresses. For sure, it doesn’t happen on free dating sites available for everyone where a huge variety of women’s appearances is present and it’s very difficult to filter out the unattractive ones.

It happens only on the sites that either cooperate with the local agencies, or select the profiles manually. For sure, there are international dating agencies in Asian countries but they aren’t as popular and well-established as the agencies in post-Soviet Eastern European countries, for example. This fact proves that AsianMelodies selects the best profiles carefully for better serving of male users.

Free services:

Registration, filling the profile, browsing through the gallery and profiles.

Safety level:

Like it’s stated in the Disclaimers section, the administration of the site doesn’t bear any responsibility for the correct or wrong information in the members’ profiles or messages. It’s completely the responsibility of the others.

Then in the Terms of Use Agreement, it is clearly said that a platform is meant for people who seek or not seek the relationship. Therefore, non-serious folks are allowed to join and use the services of the platform. One should be careful in this regard.

However, the site promises to protect technically and not to save or misuse the members’ bank card data. At the same time, the administrators collect and store such an information as social networks data, geolocation, IP address, use of cookies, and so on. Such a personal information can be passed, literally, to everyone, as anyone can be called “another user”, “advertisement target”, “business partner”, or a participant of “other situations”. It is highly recommended both by the site and by us, that users don’t share the information that could later harm them in any way.

The site owners openly declare there are “Affiliates” of the company therefore one’s personal information and data can be and will be shared on other sites with the purpose of advertisement.

The site follows the Californian “Shine the Light” law.

The Privacy Policy is never updated after the 2016 year so it doesn’t follow the newest laws and regulations.

In general, the site can be considered as “moderately safe” like the majority of modern dating sites.

Any issues can be solved via email or


Age group: restricts users below 18 from using the site. The administration is severely against the collecting and usage of personal information of children below 13 y.o. Such a case should be immediately reported to the administrators. Children’s accounts are to be urgently terminated.

This dating site is suitable for all age groups above 18 y.o. It welcomes and covers any kinds of relationships such as equal age matches, cougar – toyboy couples, sugar daddy – sugar baby couples, and so on.

Pros and cons: is a neat, stylish, user-friendly dating site that successfully brings together Western men and Asian women.

The female profiles are pre-selected therefore men can be sure about their quality and legitimacy.

However, the site isn’t free or cheap so one should be ready to be charged for all services he is getting.

Phone app version:

It is absent for the moment.

Asian girls online

Users’ comments:

“ became my ticket to the family happiness. I really didn’t expect it will happen that easily. I tried my luck with Russian and Ukrainian girls before but I suddenly realized how much I am attracted to the Asian type. I have also heard they are modest and family oriented so I decided to take a chance. It wasn’t easy to choose the right dating site as there are hundreds of them. My co-worker mentioned AsianMelodies in our talk so I took a look and I got a positive first impression. Very good for me because I eventually succeeded with it! I was receiving a fairly and healthily big number of letters from the girls, not the tons of them like on fraudulent sites. The majority of letters was personal and nicely written. Girls sounded really natural. I already had a good feeling about this site when I got a letter from my Min-seo. I immediately thought I must marry this Korean sweetie! Not only she had naturally beautiful and cute photos, even casual ones, but also her interests were very close to mine. I know Korean men are also good-looking and well-provided so I was really happy to be able to compete. We quickly decided to go to the romantic trip together, and I proposed to her on the 2nd week together. I was waiting for someone like her, for too long! She said yes! Our wedding is in two months and we are so excited. Thank you AsianMelodies, I think this site should be better known among Westerners as it deserves that!” (Richard, 52, Philadelphia)

“My experience with AsianMelodies wasn’t completely smooth as I was stupid enough to start my correspondence from the brightest girl on the site who was wearing the best clothes and jewelry… Of course, she appeared to be a golddigger and she demonstrated it quickly enough. Then I started to be more cautious and communicated with the modest girls only. They seemed totally ok, polite and genuine. Our talks were so nice that I finally decided to go to Beijing and meet the three of them. Separately, of course! Well, one of them missed the meeting but others showed up. They were both great and very reasonable about their desire to date a foreigner. With one good girl, we remained friends and another one became my girlfriend. She is very happy with all I have to offer and she isn’t very demanding. I think it’s a marriage material and I’m glad I found it through AsianMelodies.” (Adam, 41, New York City)

“I didn’t meet anyone yet but I got the personal contacts of several girls and they aren’t ghosting me. They answer the calls and always write to me on Whatsapp so I think they are real. I especially like one of them, from the village near Tokyo, going to visit her soon. My experience on AsianMelodies has been good so far and I don’t mind to recommend it to the others. I am honestly surprised it’s not so well-known. It’s much more decent and trustworthy than many of the famous Asian dating sites. You just pay there and they give nothing back. I’ll add more to my review when I meet the girl but we cam chat every evening and she is so real, she even showed me her puppy and both of her parents. I also sent the gift to her office address through the Tokyo flower delivery and I got the confirmation photo. I didn’t hope to find such a real thing through the dating site. Thanks AsianMelodies!” (Peter, 38, Miami)Asian soulmate

Final verdict:

We can see, that although exists since 2013, with the head office and phone contacts based in the USA, it remains barely known. There aren’t many reviews or information available on the Internet. It partially happens due to the confusion caused by the site title: there are sites and apps with the same or similar titles that really represent the Asian music and have nothing to do with dating.

But happy customers prove it’s just a coincidence and the site deserves to be famous. It provides the high-quality services and thoroughly cares about the whole process of communication making the real meeting possible and desirable. For sure, some improvements should be done, still; but the team of AsianMelodies has already shown great results and will keep on raising the overall quality.

The new wave of advertisement and promotion may attract more members, both males and females, in order to create more couples and strengthen the market of interracial dating.

As a summary, we recommend to every single Westerner who found himself interested in Asian women and wants to build a stable relationship with one of them. There is a sufficient database of female profiles on the site so every man can find a match easily enough. As dating experts, we rate it as “good and qualitative” and believe in its further development.


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  • is a complete SCAM. All chats were sent out by teams of scammers and were copied and pasted from the same database plus some automatic responses.

  • Women write long, glowing letters wanting to marry me or explore it when they clearly have not read my profile. I clearly say, NOT HERE FOR MARRIAGE. Believable that letters are written for them, especially those women who self-identify as beginners in English.

    The review completely avoids the cost. You buy credits which you then sacrifice to read a letter or open a video. for example. The higher the level of the service, up to and including request to meet, the more you must pay. They offer easy refund of all charges in the first 30 days (when most users may be hooked and not be willing to give up.)

  • Stay away complete fraud fake profiles,fake photos multiple users with same photos,keep sending same copy pasted messages from different IDs,lols nobody can see your profile description .

  • Photo’s and women are of high quality but from there it goes down. After you use the 0credits given at start up suddenly your mailbox explodes with 100’s if not 1000’s of messages and emails a week to the point it is impossible to read or let alone enjoy the site. There is no way to stop the constant stream or filter, so unless you have 6–7 hours a day to sift through stuff, forget it. Tons of precut, fill in the blank messages but when you look at your board it shows 10 people visited your profile but you have 100s of messages saying they like your profile or they read it, all lies. It also seems about 65% of the messages all claim the woman is rich to very rich, owns companies, was divorced due to cheating man or widowed and left great wealth. These “wealthy millionaires” wear the same 10-year-old knockoff stripper clothing and have the same photo poses and backgrounds as the village girl. Got to think why would someone so rich be wearing such cheap, trashy clothing and could not afford their own photographer and locations. On a number of photos, most are airbrushed, you can see areas along clothing lines or lower extremities where brushing or cropping did not go perfectly and it is smeared or out of focus. This is a very expensive site to try and use as everything costs. If you buy the second lowest amount of credits with is 65usd for 125 credits this ow far that gets you. 10 credits for sending your first letter and 30 each for everyone after, 50 credits for viewing a video which are in about half the emails and 85% of the messages. You want to read a mail, minimum 10 credits, what to chat online with an unknown at the other side of the photo, 2 credits a min. expect to get videos and voice recording requests from the person at least 2-3 times weekly afterward. s you can see 65usd gets you very little except to pull you in even further to continue communications. In my into credits i spoke with a young woman and told her I was not going to continue very long cause my credits we about out, she suggested we speak away from the site, i suggested Wechat to which she said she never heard of it, really, it’s the largest most used app in China and is about on every phone. She suggests a place where chat was free, I went to the location, another dating site which is owned by the same company and was only free for about 5 mins. There might have been some wonderful, serious women on this site, but the huge volume of messages and emails, computerized, fill in the blank, spam and same responses, plus the huge cost if you really want to try the site, it makes it impossible both time and money wise to find those few. Oops forgot, in about of half of the first messages the woman just comes out and starts speaking about sex, not even a hello. You can open and read the first message for free and there is usually some kind of nudes and explicit photos included at the bottom. You can view one, any more will cost you and in some cases a woman having sex. I say a woman because the heads and faces are either not shown or the picture has been cropped to remove the head. now I enjoy viewing naked women as much as the next guy but seriously if someone is looking for a future wife do you really want to see nude pics of her doing stuff with another guy? Or posting what may be herself to every guy on the site? Not the type I am looking for.

  • Did you get paid by this site? They told me I’d have spend $600 in credits on a woman to get her contact info; are you kidding me? You think these profiles are real? They all have college degrees, but their text reads like prostitutes;when I challenged one woman; I got a robo response. This site is a scam.

  • This site is the biggest scam. I used google images to verify real photos of girls and found most were fake.( and I mean lots ) Some were even using the same main profile photo. I emailed Asian Melodies about this and of coarse they did nothing. “Validated member” my ass! This site is sooo expensive. Avoid this place like a case of herpies.

  • I to have been looking for someone that is sincere. They say they want to fly to meet you but no one gives flight information. Then I ask how can so many Asian women be so wealthy? The response is usually can you send a picture? This site is discouraging. And phony, not real!

  • Hi guys I agree it’s a scam Asian melodies. These girls don’t even check your profile, they send you a generic message like saying how good you loook & how kind you are without you writing to them & without a profile photo. If they read you profile they would know some of the questions they are asking, answers are there. They also will not answer all your questions, so it’s a lie from start stay away.

  • I was taken, spent a bit of time and money, just to be blocked by the site after jumping through their hoops to be “verified ” to get the “Lady’s ” personal information, i.e. her email address and phone number, never happens

  • Garbage ? app is totally fraud by this website and taking people many is not really working every one taking wet the robot is totally fraud

  • this is worst dating site i ever been too!! Hugely exorbitant costs! All chats are monitored and many words blocked out. Impossible to write any personal contact information–emails, etc. Costs 3000 credits to pass personal contact information to the woman. And also USA women on this site, not just asian. western women write their text # in profile and are all scams also.

  • The women ask you for photos, stickers, kisses and will not answer questions. Such as are you compensated by this site or it’s affiliates or how many are in my profile picture. Or if I request a date/meeting with you will accept. Some actually offer to pay you to give them a baby- $50 billion- the wealthiest person in China is only with around $270 billion that equates to $38 billion US dollars. When you text the service with concerns they are of no use. Just scammers that work for this site. It is Sad that this site is allowed to continue and cheat so many people that are truly searching for someone to enjoy life with.

  • Hi Guys,

    I am a guy and have registered as a woman seeking man. I am surprised that I am not asked to verify my identity but the verification is voluntary. I am shocked to see that most of the men are ugly (not handsome) and above aged 30. I am going to puke. It is impossible for beautiful women to write nice letters to these men stating that the men are attractive.

    You can try registering as a woman yourselves. I am not lying but blunt direct.

  • Asian meoldoies website is a terrible scam its so fake the women are all fake profiles the questions and asnwrs are formulaic …and if you were ever to get one contact it will cost you 3000 credits for one contact over 1000 us dolars its a terrible terrible con ..dont go near it

  • Total scam – ridiculous to imagine so many beautiful women are ready to give themselves to guys they don’t know at all!

    What is the scam? You have to buy cr dits to communicate with the ‘girls,’ I spent $80 in my first, and only, evening checking it out.

    I wuickly identified the total fraudulence by responding to the Half-dozen apparent beauties who were instantly ready to share their lives, bodies and whatever else with me … And telling them the site wasn’t private enough and far too distracting to develop a neaningfuk dialogue, and if they really wanted us to begin to get to know each other, they should email me (and I gave my email). Needlessly to say, not a single one followed up on that!

    I’m a happy and socially competent guy, I just did this out of curiosity – and sure, I’d love a stunning Chinese girlfriend. But it’s designed to prey on guys who are lonely and desperate. It’s a cruel and criminally abusive con, shame it’s not targeted by law enforcement, and it’s callousness principals fined and incarcerated for such.

  • I have been using online dating since 1998. I have become very good at spotting scams. Asian Melodies is just a waste of time. Much better to go with a larger well known site such as the Cupid web sites. Yes they still have scammers but lots of real people too. All I wanted when I joined Asian Melodies was similar to a penpal. But online. Not a single person who contacted me even read my profile. If they had they wouldn’t be asking me for marriage relationships etcetc. I have to say this probably the WORST site I have experienced in thirty years of online dating. You have been warned! Lol

  • This site should be shut down. It is a pure waste of money. Its quite obvious from the first letter you receive. Its a fraud and the owners should be prosecuted. It will happen soon enough I’m sure.

  • If they would tell you it is $600 per girl and do not try to learn about anyone else or you will have wasted your money, that at least would be honest. This is a dating website that penalizes you for chatting with anyone besides your lady. I spent $3,000 USD in one month. Because I did not talk with just 1 person, I am denied contact information for the people I have built a relationship with. This place is not worth the money and the gifts are staggeringly over priced. Customer service is non-existent in that they spout “rules are rules, so sorry”…I have been scammed by women sending duplicate messages, I reported it, no compensation given to me for the wasted funds. Nothing about this site says, ” We are here to help.”-

  • Please unsubscribe from your website I have tried to unsubscribe on line but it does not happen. I wish to unsubscribe. Thank you

  • My husband has been fooled by these scam artists, please be careful!!! We have been together 34 years, our marriage has ended because of this. They had him believing a rich Chinese women was coming to FL to marry him, take care of him, buy an $11m house on the beach, buy expensive cars & live happily ever after. They keep stringing him along, it’s still going on, he still thinks she’s coming. So far, in 5 1/2 months he has spent $9,000!! This has become an addition. Anyone in their right mind should know better, his mind obviously isn’t in the right place. This is truly sad and is a nightmare!!

  • I totally agree the Asian Melodies is a scam. You cannot share your email address or phone number until you spend 3000 credits on one particular member. That translates to $671.25USD or $928.57AUD which is a substantial amount of money. Its a policy preventing members to find love and exiting the site early. Surely is a money grabbing method to maintain its healthy revenue base. The site’s operation is unfair and takes advantage of vulnerable people. The authenticity of women profiles is questionable and most of received messages do not appear real.

  • Does anyone know which country the Asian Melodies is registered/from. Need to contact the dating sites regulators and see what they say.

  • The Asian Melodies is a scam because it uses a dishonest scheme to prey on vulnerable people. Its credit system is a money grabber. With the cheapest Plan of $19 for 45 credits is a rip off. For the first message its 10 credits, the second 30 credits your subs gone in less than a minute and you’re asked to buy more credits. Members cannot share phone numbers or email addresses until you’ve spent 3000 credits (equiv. $671.25USD or $928.57AUD) on one particular member. It unfairly prevents members from finding love and exiting early. Members need sharing information to prove the other member really exist and genuine. The main reason for blocking info sharing is to keeping members longer and so maintaining its healthy revenue base.

  • I have tried 3 times writing a reply to reviews on the Asian Melodies but none has been published. What is the problem?

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