Indonesian Women Dating Site Gives You Guide to Ladies of Your Dreams

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An Indonesian women dating site which operates globally has identified a range of key elements that Indonesian girls are looking for in men. Without further ado, let’s have a look:

Every Indonesian lady looks for trustworthiness in men. Although most Indonesian beauties are fun and outgoing, they only want to date trustworthy men when it comes to serious relationships. If you are good-looking and fun to be with, women from Indonesia might overlook a few minor character flaws early in the relationship. When they begin to get serious, their future partners’ qualities become really important. A guy called Ryan shared his story:a smiling Indonesian girl

I met Irene on Indonesian Cupid. One day I really wanted to see her before leaving Jakarta, so I sent her a text message, “I’m going to fly to Hong Kong tonight. Would you be able to catch up with me before that?” She replied a message, “What time is your flight?” In fact, my flight will leave at 9pm, but in order to make it sound more urgent, I sent her a message, “8pm.” At about 8:30pm, she called me and I answered the phone call. She was really surprised, “I thought you were on the plane already.” I was very embarrassed, and then I never hear from Irene again.

Girls from Indonesia’s No. 1 complaint about men is lack of connection.

Girls from Indonesia’s No. 1 complaint about men is lack of connection. According to a recent survey, Indonesian ladies have a range of common complaints about men, but the biggest complaint is “There isn’t enough connection.” Less women complain about how much money their men make, but more women complain about lack of connection. The good news is building more connection between you and your Indonesian wife is actually much easier than building a big bank account!a sexy beautiful Indonesian girl

Flirting in the Indonesian way is slightly different from flirting in the Western way. The Indonesian women dating site organized a party for single ladies from Indonesia as well as Western men. Here are some interesting things Indonesian beauties do when they flirt:
They tilt their heads while talking to men;
They run their fingers through their hair when attractive men come closer;
They give attractive men short glances;
They lick their lips;
They expose their necks and revealed more of their legs;
They stroke the stem of glasses (very suggestive and sensual).

Although these are all very common things for Western women to do when they flirt as well, there is something that’s quite unique because it’s not very common among Western women (not sure if it’s unique among Indonesian women): They touch attractive men fleetingly with their breasts or thighs.

What you should do when you notice that an Indonesian girl is flirting with you: 1) You can lower your pitch and try to speak in your lowest register because women associate a lower pitch with an attractive and powerful man.
2) Put your Indonesian lady at the center of the conversation. Remember: women are validated by attention.
3) Briefly touch her forearm when you ask for her phone number. (When there is attraction, there is no sleaziness!)

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