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Andy M., co-founder of a pioneering Dominican women dating website, has kindly attended our interview and shared some of his best tips with us. Now you should totally take out a pen and make some notes!a hot Dominican woman in a black bikini

* On surface level, many men believe that money and status help them get women, but those only make women want to start serious relationships sooner with them – In reality, you’ve got to have something else in order to make women want to sleep with you. ‘The truth is many women don’t even know what turns them on,’ says Andy, ‘But based on our observation, women are turned on by being desired. In other words, if you sexually want them, they begin to want you as well.’ Indeed, Dominican ladies who participated in a major study claim that their favorite movie characters are Jack in Titanic and Paul in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – by that they mean they feel the biggest sexual attraction when they see these two men on the big screen. Jack is the poor guy who falls in love with the wealthy girl Rose. Paul is the male sugar baby who has an arrangement with a sugar momma (2E) and then falls in love with the American geisha Holly. Apparently, these two boys aren’t rich or famous in movies, but they own their desire for beautiful women and they are not sorry for their strong desire! No wonder women want them too!

Take out a pen and make some notes of hot tips on dating Dominican beauties.

* Being a proficient seducer makes you more desirable. Dominican beauties are hot women, so they expect you to be sexy men, too,’ says Andy, ‘For instance, do you know how to remove her bra with one hand?’ Well, in order to do that well, first of all, you need to visualize the clasp which is usually in the back of the bra. Most bras have a hook-and-eye closure. The hooks are on the right side whereas the eyes are on the left. Once you know this, you should practice removing a bra with one hand (I’m not saying you should practice this on your sister, but you’ve got to practice on someone before meeting hot women via Dominican girls dating sites). Remember to maintain eye contact throughout the process when you remove her bra – this makes you look hotter.a portrait of the beautiful Dominican lady

* Dominican women love music, so you should have some music on while having sex. ‘Ideally, your music should be relaxing and sensual,’ says Andy, ‘For example, you can listen to Enya.’

Here is a list of songs that are highly recommended in the bedroom:
1) Love, Sex, Magic
2) Tonight I Celebrate My Love
3) If Walls Could Talk
4) In His Touch

Here is a list of songs that you should avoid in the bedroom:
1) All by Myself
2) Country Road, Take Me Home
3) Top of the World

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