Things to Consider when Hiring Escort

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Let us face it. Hiring a business escort is no longer considered as taboo. A few years back, this kind of work was just a screen for prostitution, but luckily situation had changed. Of course, this does not mean that you can freely go and pick out girls to make you company. A short checklist is required, and here it is. Feel free to read on.

lady in redLaws

If you are worldwide traveler, and you consider hiring an escort for business dinner, always check whether is it legal to do so in that country. The reason “I did not knew it was illegal.” will not save you from court or penalty. Almost every country in the world has a website, so you may find your answers there. Calling your embassy will give you the answer, but that is not the reason for you want to call them. In addition, see if you can find out from reliable sources for additional info about ages. Somewhere maturity is considered at the age of eighteen, and somewhere at twenty-one.

No freelancers

Although services from girls working as free shooters are in general lower, this does not mean that you are at advantage. Quite often happens that these girls are forced to do such things, and someone is always watching over her shoulder. Avoid this at all cost, and go for the agency instead. Those people are professionals, with strictly defined type of work they need to do.


You do not wish for your escort to say to every person you meet what this is all about, do you? If you have called the agency, always ask how she will dress like. If they say one thing, and happens completely another, send the girl home, and never call that agency again. Also, your discretion is advised, for why would embarrass anyone? Especially the girl who is just doing her job.

Hiring a business escort is no longer considered as taboo. A few years back, this kind of work was just a screen for prostitution, but luckily situation had changed.

beautiful slim lady in a summer dressOnline research

The very first stop to find yourself an escort is the Internet. Take a good look at girls. Guys have built-in sensor to notice when something is too perfect to be real. Use that sensor to your advantage. If the pictures are looking too ideal, it is probably a fraud. Especially if the faces of girls are not blurred out. If this is not the case, then probably you are wasting your time with this agency, so feel free to move on. Sites with users opinions section are great, and do not forget to check their Facebook and Twitter profile, in case that they have it.


Often, simple hanging out ends up in bed. Here, there is no reason strong enough to protect yourself. No matter how decent and polite a girl looks like, always wear a condom. If you do not have it, and you cannot buy one, give up on the intercourse. It is for the best. Sometimes agency will want your medical history, so that they know if you can be their customer.

When everything is said is taken into consideration, it is possible for you to find the service you are looking for. This business is still at its beginning, but today there are escorts in Sydney (like Red Door Agency), Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, and literally every bigger city. Do not be shy and scared. You are paying for certain service, and whether it includes just pretty and smart girl to impress your boss, or something more, meaning that you are in charge.

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