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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

India is a growing economy with a massive population. Because more and more Indian singles are using online dating services instead of listening to their parents’ for “arranged marriages”, you won’t be surprised to see so many Indian men and women using online dating websites. But before you try one of those sites, you may want to do your homework and take a look at the key points below.a beautiful young Indian woman


  • There are many inactive profiles on Indian dating sites, so you must filter Indian women. The truth is every Indian dating site wants to have as many members as possible because they want to sell ads, attract more new members, look popular, etc. In fact, once someone has created a profile on the dating site, the profile is there forever unless the member asks the site manager to remove it. And there are many reasons why Indian ladies have inactive profiles: they used an Indian dating website for a week and didn’t find good value; they used an Indian dating site for a month when they were simply bored; they freaked out and left after receiving too many dick pics and creepy messages from men; they have found someone already and never logged in again. Therefore, if you see someone’s profile that says “active over 4 weeks ago”, that indicates it’s an inactive profile (usually, that Indian lady hasn’t logged in for four years). You should only contact Indian girls whose profiles are active recently.

You won’t be surprised to see so many Indian men and women using online dating websites, but before you try one of those sites, you may want to do your homework and take a look at this article.


  • Spend time working on your online dating profile and photos. Women are also visual – we like good-looking men. If your dating profile and photos suck, you won’t succeed in online dating – guaranteed. So it’s time to do some research and figure it out. For instance, your photos should show your fun side as well as your interesting lifestyle – a photo of you surfing; a photo of you having drinks on the beach; a photo of you travelling in South America. By that I mean your photos are not really about how good-looking you are. Instead, it’s about how interesting you are – you have a very interesting life that Indian girls want to be a part of. So you shouldn’t write stuff like “My life is fun” in your online dating profile; instead, you should show Indian beauties that you have a fun life. Again, don’t tell them; show them!a modern India girl


  • Send the right messages to Indian beauties. Don’t send copy-and-paste messages to all Indian girls online. Your message has to be tailored according to the Indian girl you see. Be original and creative. Instead of sending a boring message like “Hey. What’s up?” you would be well-advised to send something like “Just noticed that you miss Spice Girls in the 90s. Honestly, I secretly miss them, too!” In this way, the Indian beauty knows you took the time to carefully read her profile and you are sharing your emotions with her! Remember: logic doesn’t lead to love; emotions change the game. Therefore, she knows this message is worthy of a reply. By the way, pretty women from India may ignore most messages because the majority of hot women in India are probably the hottest in the world (check out Bollywood movie stars to confirm this) – they have many options. I know writing specific messages like that takes much more time than sending generic messages such as “How are you?” but this is the best way to maximize your success rate. In other words, sending generic messages saves time in the short term & wastes time in the long term.


Indian women: How to date girls from India

  • Don’t be needy. If your profile shows any neediness, Indian ladies can smell that from 10 miles away. So you should always remember that you are a high-value man who has abundance in life. You don’t need Indian women; you want them! Show your desire, not your desperation. Therefore, you should own your desire and be a sexy man in your communication.


  • Meet Indian girls in person quickly. Don’t keep chatting with someone online for weeks or months. That’s really a waste of time. You need to speak to them on the phone fast and meet them in person quickly. When you meet an Indian beauty in person for the first time, give her a hug and a friendly kiss, so that you’ll set a flirty frame from the beginning. That makes everything easier later on.

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