Online Chatting Techniques on Mexican Women Dating Sites

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So you’ve joined a dating site to meet Mexican women. After you’ve created a good profile with great photos, how are you going to up your online chatting game? Now let’s take a look at the following hot tips:

Give juicy answers. Most men are terrible at conversations, but you won’t be one of them after reading this article and actually implementing what you’ve learned. The most important principle to remember is to give juicy answers while chatting with a Mexican lady online. Let’s compare two conversations below:a hot Mexican woman with curly hair

Conversation 1
Jack: Hi. How are you?
Aida: Hi. I’m okay. How about you?
Jack: Good. Thanks.
(Aida feels bored and then an American guy called Mike sends her a message on the same Mexican women dating site and now Conversation 2 begins….)

Conversation 2
Mike: Hi Aida. I’m impressed by your profile. How are you?
Aida: Hi Mike, I’m okay. Thanks. How about you?
Mike: I’m planning on a holiday for the winter.
Aida: Oh, really? Where are you going?
Mike: I’m going to a place where it’s not cold in December so I can go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. (In fact, Mike is only going to Australia, but his answer is juicy.)
Aida: Wow. That sounds so interesting. Where is that?
(Aida is interested, so they continue chatting and meet each other in person.)

Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs and your standards. How are you going to up your online chatting game?  Let’s take a look at the hot tips!

A juicy answer is like a dish with seasoning. It shows what you are interested in, your taste, attitude and insight. Offering a few extra words gives Mexican beauties more imagination and associations about you. Next time when Aida sees something about Australia, she will think about Mike immediately.

In contrast, a dull answer leads to another dull response because there is no conversational links for the woman from Mexico to keep talking with you.a sexy young Mexican woman

Be assertive. There are three types of people when it comes to communication: aggressive, assertive and submissive people. A submissive man isn’t attractive in women’s eyes because women want to be protected by strong and powerful men. Aggressive men only scare women away & aggressive men are often very weak inside (that’s why they need an aggressive shell to look powerful), so that’s not a good category either. Therefore, the best option is the assertive style in communication. When you are assertive, you feel empowered. In this way, women feel safe around you. So don’t be afraid to communicate your needs and your standards.

Be an active listener. People often ask “why women can’t read maps and men can’t listen?” Indeed, most men can’t listen to their women. If you are a good listener, you will stand out from the crowd quickly because over 90% of men can’t do it well. When a Mexican beauty is talking to you about her concerns or problems, oftentimes she is not really looking for a solution. She is looking for connection instead. All you need to do is to tell her that you understand her emotions, and then be there for her. After that, you can offer a solution.


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