Looking for Filipino Brides Online? Here are the Best Tips

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

There are more than one online dating sites that specifically introduce Filipina brides to Western men. But do you know how to do online dating successfully? Today you will learn the best tips in the online dating department. Enjoy!

As a man, you are supposed to work harder on your online dating profile and initiate conversations with Filipina women online. Also, there are probably more men than women on any online dating sites because that’s the reality of dating in the 21st century. But the good news is Filipina women are much more likely to reply messages to you because those who use a dating site like that actually want to meet Western men. This is very different from Western women who use online dating websites.a stunning Filipina girl

  • Be prepared: you will need to adjust your online dating profile/picture constantly based on the feedback that you receive from Filipina girls online. If most women in the Philippines don’t reply anything, that means you must tweak your online dating profile or picture. Women’s response is the feedback! And that’s okay!


  • Filter Filipina brides: You need to understand that some Filipina ladies who use such dating sites can be manipulative. For instance, fat women only upload head-shots in their photo albums. Also some ugly Filipina girls only have one kind of angle or pose in their photos.


  • Understand that online dating is actually a competition. Yes, you are competing with many other men on the online dating website. A good-looking Filipina lady can easily chat with 20 Western men at the same time. Therefore, you really need to figure out a way to stand out from the crowd.


  • Invest in your online dating profile. You can hire someone to write or polish your online dating profile – perhaps you can hire a dating coach? If you can’t afford to hire a dating coach, you should always remember:
    Avoid boring facts such as “I like traveling”. Who cares?! Nobody can remember your profile if you only give fluff. In order to become memorable, you should be very specific and interesting in your dating profile (e.g. “the best place that I’ve visited is Mount Everest in Tibet”).

Filipina women are much more likely to reply messages to you because those who use a dating site like that actually want to meet Western men.


  • Avoid negativity. If you are complaining about your ex-wife or your depression, Filipina ladies will run away fast because they want positive men.


  • Don’t lie about your income and age. But you can lie about your height a little bit. That’s because Filipina women often search men based on a certain height range – you want to appear in their search results. Once they actually meet you, they wouldn’t mind if you are 1 or 2cm shorter.a stylish Filipina woman


  • Don’t go to extremes, i.e. too funny, too smart, too confident, etc. You can have a bit of every element, but never be too much because if you are too funny, Filipina girls don’t think you are reliable; if you are too smart, Filipina beauties may feel intimidated by you; if you are too confident, you are just arrogant.


  • Invest in your online dating photos. You will need to take some really good photos of yourself (don’t use selfies because selfies only make you look dumb). You may ask a friend to take photos for you. Or hire a professional photographer – this is totally worthwhile because your love life is the most important part of your life. Upload one really good head-shot and a few half body shots. Don’t wear sunglasses in your photos because Filipina women need to see your eyes before they can trust you.

Online dating chat techniques:

  • If a Filipina girl asks you multiple questions in one message, don’t answer all her questions. You want to be mysterious.
  • Never type smileys in your messages. Even if she uses smileys, you just don’t use them because smileys make you look like a naïve child.
  • Don’t reply too fast. But when you reply a message, make sure the content and tone are both positive, warm and charming.
  • Always chat with more than one Filipina woman at the same time because you need to filter them and choose the best Filipina bride.

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