A British Guy’s True Story about His Costa Rican Mail Order Bride

a beautiful sexy woman from Costa Rica

Apparently, another client who used Costa Rica mail order brides’ service has contributed his story to this column, so that we can further help more men who’d like to use Costa Rican mail order wives’ services. If you are considering using such a service, this story will surely give you some insight into a marriage with a Costa Rican woman via mail order brides’ services.

Jack is a 49-year-old Englishman living in London. He just married a Costa Rican wife that he met on the Internet – a Costa Rican mail order brides’ service introduced a lady to him.a stunning Costa Rican young woman

Jack got married in his late 20s, but then got divorced in his late 30s. He told me that he didn’t find Englishwomen interesting or attractive anymore. That’s why he chose to marry someone from overseas.

“Almost every British woman around me was drinking and smoking more often than I did after my divorce, so I wasn’t attracted to any of them.” says Jack, “In fact, I hooked up with a few ladies from London at that time, but I really didn’t feel the connection that I was looking for. Drinking and fucking were not priorities in my life anymore. I needed something different.”

Jack was always interested in Central America. After he graduated from university in the United Kingdom, he worked in Central America for two years and then came back to London. He liked Central American women at that time, but his parents didn’t want him to marry a foreign woman. He listened to his parents and married his ex-wife who was a typical English girl that Jack’s parents liked.

“At that time, I thought I was doing the right thing because I listened to my parents. I was a very good boy. I thought listening to my parents when it comes to my marriage could show my ultimate respect for my parents. But that was actually the biggest mistake in my life.” says Jack, “Listening to my parents and following their advice seemed to be right and my parents were very happy at that time, but in the long term, that only made me resentful. This is really difficult to say – now sometimes I resent my parents because of that. They facilitated the No. 1 disaster in my life. My divorce was extremely hard. My most precious time was wasted.”

Another client who used Costa Rica mail order brides’ service has contributed his story to this column, so that we can further help more men who’d like to use Costa Rican mail order wives’ services.

Jack’s ex-wife cheated on him, and then Jack was paying child support every month after the divorce. In fact, Jack didn’t really know whether his money was spent on their children or not because his ex-wife wasn’t honest when it comes to finances. Later on, a DNA test indicated that those two boys were not Jack’s children!

Now Jack’s parents have realized that they should let their adult son make his own decision in life. Therefore, Jack has become more decisive and mature. He listened to his intuition and followed his heart, so he found a Costa Rican mail order brides’ service online and met a tica within three weeks.

Karen is a beautiful and intelligent 29-year-old woman from Costa Rica. She was born in a poor family, so she never went to university. Jack met Karen in September 2015, and then Jack visited Costa Rica to see Karen in December 2015 during Christmas holidays. It was love at first sight. In March 2016, they got married.a gorgeous Costa Rican woman with long cur;y black hair

“In fact, it’s quite common for young ticas to marry older men in their culture.” says Jack, “Karen is 20 years younger than me, and that’s absolutely fine. Her parents like me and feel very happy for her. Karen’s English is good because she taught herself when she was younger. That’s why she feels quite comfortable while living in London with me.”

Jacked showed me a photo of his Costa Rican wife Karen. She is indeed a very gorgeous lady of mixed race. She looks like a combination of Caucasian, Asian and Native American.

“I’m really proud of my Karen.” Jack smiled, “She is not only pretty, but also hardworking. She found a job in London in October 2016, but then she fell pregnant immediately. So I asked her to quit her job and stay at home to look after herself and our baby. Now our beautiful daughter is 2 months old.”

Unfortunately, Jack’s dad passed away last year, so she never saw her granddaughter. But Jack’s mum is still around and is very glad to see her very cute granddaughter.

“Karen is very feminine, faithful and genuine.” says Jack, “she and our daughter are the center of my universe. I really cherish my family. They make me feel like 29 again.”

Jack looks energized and enthusiastic. Even though his daughter wakes him up at least twice every night, his happiness makes him look radiant.

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“Thanks to Karen, I am able to experience such a healthy family life.” Jack smiled, “I’m very grateful for my Costa Rican lady. I should have found her twenty years ago, but at that time she was only 9 years old! Maybe destiny has planned everything, so I should relax and be okay with whatever happened.”

Indeed, without Jack’s previous drama in life, probably he wouldn’t cherish what he has now so much. His lady from Costa Rica certainly has brought joy, love and bliss to his life.

“Why do you like Costa Rican women?” I was curious.
“I like their free spirit.” says Jack, “For example, Karen isn’t worried about small details in life because she is a big-picture person. It’s a very relaxing feeling. After marrying my Costa Rica beauty, I feel less stressed. Of course, a lot of Costa Rican girls are physically attractive, so I’m sure many western men like them.”

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