The best Australian dating apps in 2019


In Australia, there are some very popular dating apps these days. Which Australian dating apps are the best now?

  • RSVP dating app

This is the most popular Australian dating app and dating site. Every day, thousands of people are joining this community to look for partners online. It is said that 1 in every 3 couples met each other online actually met each other on RSVP. Undoubtedly, RSVP is extremely effective in terms of online dating. You can join RSVP for free. Searching and saying hi to other members is also free. Receiving messages from other is free as well! But you have to pay a fee if you want to start a real conversation with someone on RSVP. RSVP dating app is very interesting – you can use advanced searches (e.g. eye colour, star sign and Chinese zodiac – it even shows you the compatibility between you and another member when it comes to Chinese zodiac!)RSVP-dating-app

  • eHarmony dating app

eHarmony is another extremely popular dating app in Australia. With a strong database, you can always meet someone cool on this app. The only problem is it’s not a quick fix – you actually have to complete a very long questionnaire about yourself so that eHarmony knows your personality and can match you with someone suitable. Therefore, this is a great app if you are looking for a long-term partner. However, if you are only interested in meeting someone for fun and start a casual relationship, perhaps eHarmony isn’t the right app for you. Worse still, most men on eHarmony are ugly as hell! (Although that’s bad news for women, it’s actually good news for good-looking men who are thinking about joining eHarmony because a hot man can easily stand out from the crowd on this app.)eharmony-dating-app

  • Tinder

Obviously, as the world’s most famous dating app, Tinder is also very popular in Australia. In fact, almost every online dater has tried Tinder at some stage in their life because it’s too well-known to ignore! Nevertheless, it is said that the majority of members on Tinder aren’t very attractive because it’s a free dating app. How can you filter people on a free dating app? You can’t! That’s why there are many fake profiles on Tinder. By the way, because Tinder monetises their platform by running ads, this negatively affects users’ online dating experience.tinder-dating-app

  • Bumble

This is the only Australian dating app which has a lot of sexy men! Indeed, men on Bumble are extremely hot! I don’t know how Bumble can get so many attractive men to join this dating app in Australia, but I’m pretty sure women should be very glad while using Bumble because sometimes the majority of what you see are very hot. Therefore, it can be an addictive dating app for women. However, if you are a man, chances are you are competing with a lot of high-value men on Bumble because most men are high-quality daters on this app. But if you feel energised when you are challenged, then this is probably the right app for you!Bumble-dating-app

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