Chinese Dating Rules that May Surprise You

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

Dating in the Chinese culture is very different from dating in the Western culture. Perhaps the Italian culture is the only European culture that is similar to the Chinese culture. No wonder Italy is called China in Europe when it comes to culture and tradition. For instance, Italians and Chinese live with their parents and don’t send their parents to nursing homes, which is very different from the majority of Westerners’ choice. In terms of dating, Italians and Chinese are both quite likely to bring their family with them when they have a date with someone new. Anyway, the content of this article is going to focus on Chinese dating rules that you may want to understand before you date Chinese girls.a beautiful young Chinese woman


  • As a man, you are supposed to pay. In Western cultures such as Australia, women are very likely to pay their own bills. In other western cultures such as the United States, some women would probably offer to pay at least. However, Chinese women don’t do that because in the Chinese context, men should pay no matter you are dating or not. Yes, that’s right. Even if you are not dating her, as long as you go out with her in a social context (or even for work), you are supposed to pay most of the time. If you are dating her, you should pay every single time. Next time when you date a Chinese lady and she offers to pay, you won’t see her again if she actually pays because offering to pay is only about being polite (so you should still pay). She doesn’t want to pay when going out for a date with a man! Remember: Chinese beauties believe that men should be able to provide and protect – you have to be a manly man!

The content of this article is going to focus on Chinese dating rules that you may want to understand before you date Chinese girls.


Chinese Dating: How to Date Chinese Girls

  • A Chinese woman might bring her family with her when going out for a date with you. Do you know the most popular Chinese singer Coco Lee who married Bruce Philip Rockowitz (a successful CEO in Hong Kong)? On their first date, Coco Lee brought her sister with her in order to see if Bruce is a nice guy or not. Later on, when Coco had another date with Bruce again, she brought her sisters and her mother with her! While they were having dinner together, Coco’s mother (a medical doctor) observed Bruce very carefully and then said to Coco, “He is a very kind guy. I can see that he cares about others and wants to make sure everybody is having a great time. You can keep seeing him.” That’s when Coco Lee officially started her relationship with Bruce Philip Rockowitz. Coco Lee was brought up in the United States, but she still believes in her traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, if you are dating a Chinese girl, keep that in mind because maybe you’ll see her family sooner than you expected.a young Chinese girl's portrait


  • Chinese women think men with a vision are much more attractive than men who look like models. If you think just having six-pack muscles can get Chinese girls, then you are wrong. Yes, being very good-looking certainly helps in almost every situation, but if you truly want to date high-quality Chinese ladies, you must become successful (or have the potential to become successful). In other words, women from China prefer ambitious men. That’s because Chinese women are the most ambitious women in the world. Look at Wendi Deng and you’ll know why. An interesting fact is Chinese women’s employment rate is probably the highest in the whole world because the majority of women in China always have jobs after getting married. If you look at Taiwan (which is also within the Chinese culture), their birth rate is the lowest in the world because more and more women only want to focus on their careers rather than kids. Unbelievable, right? But don’t worry. Most Chinese women still want to have children (or at least they think they should do it). So if you are looking for a Chinese wife to start a family, chances are she likes kids.

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