Meeting Costa Rican Women: Do’s and Don’ts

Costa Rica beautiful girls

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession”

Planning on going to Costa Rica and meeting Costa Rica women there?  Before you leave for Costa Rica, you may want to read this article first so that your experiences in Costa Rica will be more enjoyable.  In this article, I’m going to list a range of things that you should do and shouldn’t do, so you will be equipped with helpful information which can be used to your advantage.

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  • Do clarify what you are looking for. You will meet many pretty Costa Rican women (AKA ticas) in cities such as San Jose and Jaco, but you should be aware of the fact that many of these pretty girls are prostitutes (both professional and semi-professional).  It’s easy to understand what professional prostitutes are doing, so let me explain what semi-professional prostitutes are doing here.  Many of them have kids without fathers, so the fastest way to make some quick cash is to hook up with a westerner once or twice a month, so that they can pay their rent, bills and their children’s education.  Therefore, you should clarify what you are looking for in Costa Rica.  According to my observation, Jaco has more prostitutes, whereas San Jose has more women that you may want to date.  But don’t take it as a scientific rule, because if you are a sex tourist, both Jaco and San Jose should be able to serve the menu you want 24/7.  However, if you are looking for a nice girl who can start a relationship with you, you may need to spend more time meeting more women in Costa Rica, because it takes time to find out which girl is the right one for you.  Therefore, meeting more girls is the prerequisite of finding the ideal girl.
  • Do learn some Spanish. Spanish is the official language in Costa Rica, so learning some Spanish before you go there will help you get laid.  It’s important to speak some Spanish with Costa Rican ladies because that shows you are genuinely interested in them and their culture.  You don’t have to speak fluent Spanish, but you get the gist: women in Costa Rica expect you to speak some Spanish when you visit their country.
  • Do understand that “Yes” can mean “No” in Costa Rica. This may sound strange, but it’s true: Ticas generally can’t say “no” to your requests, so if you ask for a Costa Rican woman’s phone number, she may give you a fake number if she really wants to say “no”.  Also, if she agrees to catch up with you and she never comes in reality, don’t feel offended – she just can’t say “no” to you.  It’s their culture.
  • Do remember that being late for half an hour is common in Costa Rica. This may sound strange again, but people in Costa Rica don’t really believe in punctuality because they are very relaxed and laid-back.  Like I said in the paragraph above, Costa Rica beauties may not turn up after telling you she will go out with you, but you need to wait for her for at least 30 minutes to confirm that she is actually not coming to see you, because being late is commonplace in Costa Rica.


  • Do go to the pubs near the university. If you would like to meet some trendies in Costa Rica, you should totally go to bars near the university there.  You will see many fashionable ladies in those bars on Friday night and Saturday night.  They are young, intelligent and fun.
  • Do have fun with ticas. Yes, that’s right.  Costa Rican ladies know how to have fun – they are playful, sexy, flirtatious and fun.  A Costa Rican woman’s killer smile can make your heart melt immediately.  Your trip to Costa Rica becomes better because of the fun you have with ticas.

Before you leave for Costa Rica, you may want to read this article first so that your experiences in Costa Rica will be more enjoyable.

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  • Don’t go to massage parlours in Costa Rica and expect to have a massage. In fact, massage parlours in Costa Rica are brothels.  You only go to a massage parlour if you want to pay for sex.  Otherwise, totally avoid that.
  • Don’t assume girls like you simply because they are flirting with you. In Costa Rica, women are used to flirting, laughing and having fun.  Therefore, the fact that they are laughing at your jokes and being flirtatious doesn’t mean they are romantically interested in you.  It’s just what they do on a daily basis (like a habit).  Yet in Western countries like the United Kingdom or the United States, women don’t flirt that often, but you will be surrounded by playful energy in Costa Rica.
  • Don’t show off your Western status. In Costa Rica, people have seen enough Westerners every single day, so being Western isn’t really a big deal in Costa Rica.  Therefore, you shouldn’t tell every woman you meet that you are from a Western developed country to demonstrate your high value.  Also, speaking English doesn’t make you look better either, because realistically, nobody cares.  People in Costa Rica may even expect you to speak Spanish with them.
  • Don’t assume Costa Rica girls are all easy. Although ladies in Costa Rica are good at flirting and many of them are professional and semi-professional prostitutes, it doesn’t mean they are all easy.  In fact, you can find good women in every country, as long as you look for them!  There are many beautiful, well-educated and intelligent women in Costa Rica, too.
  • Don’t assume a developing country only has traditional people. It’s normal for us to associate a developing country with people who obey traditional rules.  But this is actually a generalisation.  As a matter of fact, Costa Rica is very liberal and people in Costa Rica are very open-minded and Westernised.  Hence, Costa Rica beauties are probably even more open-minded and adventurous than you!
  • Don’t assume all women you meet in Costa Rica are ticas. In fact, many women in Costa Rica are foreigners – they are tourists, real estate agents, etc.  So you will actually meet women from other countries in Costa Rica easily.  I have friends who even dated Asian girls in Costa Rica.


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  • I think that this article is really awful. It describes all Costa Rican women as sluts who only want have sex for money. In fact this is not true. Costa Rican girls are really wonderful mum and wives who take care of their families. They respect their partners and also demand respectful attitude to themselves. I don’t know why these women are considered to be free, liberated in everything, including love and sex… But I think that that’s not true!

    • With a name like hilda no wonder your a whiny prude. Cram it where the sun dont shine tubby. It’s a great article. Slut shaming is for fat fugly women named broom hilda. Women can enjoy lots of sex with anyone they choose.

  • Everything is fine with girls in Costa Rica. Prostitution is legal, that’s why many don’t mind earning extra money, especially with a cash foreigner. Recently, the news channel showed someone’s video captured on a smartphone where local girls in Hako beat each other because of the rich tourist. Night clubs (brothels) have different offers and prices for entry. It’s very easy to find there a woman for one night for money, but it’s impossible to find love over there.

  • Very useful information. I also think that not all Costa Rican girls are prostitutes, but these women are not conservative in matters of sex. Nobody says that they are bad-mannered, or they are bad wives. But still, it’s pretty easy to have fun in Costa Rica, than, for example, in Cuba.

  • A friend of mine is married with Costa Rica girl and he adores her so much. He claims that she is the woman of his dreams. She is his support in everything, she understands him more than anyone else, and knows what steps need to be taken to make him feel better. He says that she’s great lover. Of course, it’s possible to have sex with a woman even if you are not married or are not dating, but , no one will deny that a night spent with a woman whom you truly love is always much better and more pleasant than having sex with a random girl from a bar. Moreover, with a girl with whom you meet for a long time, you can experiment with various sex toys and other things that you cannot do with someone you barely know. As for me, I think that Costa Rica women are all different, and it’s up to you with what type of woman you’ll be creating relationships.

  • While it is true that there are more men than women in Costa Rica, it is often thought of as an island paradise where men and women seem to be in perfect harmony. However, there are still Costa Rican women who make good men out of some men here and some do not live up to the standard that they have set for themselves.

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  • When you are working with a Costa Rican dating agency to get the results that you want, you will want to know that you will be able to work with the best agency in Costa Rica. When you choose the best Costa Rican dating agency, you will also be assured that they are there to help you find your match and that they are going to have the answers that you need in order to improve your relationship.

  • For those of you who are not familiar with the process, there are different options that you can choose from when you are talking to the agency about how you are going to find a mate for your life. You will also be able to choose how you are going to communicate with the agency and also how you are going to get the best results for your relationship.

  • With free Costa Rica dating service, you will have a lot of questions that you need to ask before making any commitments to an agency. When you are looking for a free dating agency in Costa Rica, it is very important that you check out all of the benefits that you can get from the agency and make sure that you know the money you are paying in will be the best deal that you can get.

  • It is important that you also know that there are some people who are into the idea of getting a free service but there are also a few who are more concerned about using a paid service because of the benefits that they receive in terms of communication and the things that they will get out of it. This is the biggest mistake that a lot of people make when they are looking for a free service in Costa Rica, so be aware of that.

  • The Costa Rican dating agency that you choose should be one that has all of the right information in their hands and is willing to provide you with a lot of helpful tips and suggestions. Make sure that you look at the different profiles and comments that people have left on the site, read what they have to say and see if you agree with them.

  • Hopefully, you will find that you can meet the perfect person online and that you will be able to make a real connection that will last for a lifetime. and that you will have the opportunity to make your dream come true.

  • With regard to semi-pro prostituion… I am traveling to Costa Rica in mid may for a 3 month check it out trip. I am single, but I do not care for the prostitution scene. The whole concept of a one time encounter with a stranger for sex is not that much fun. It doesn’t mean that I am looking only for long term romance. I don’t require love, but I do like repeat encounters with women I know, like, and lust after. If there is some money involved, I don’t care. Thus my interest in semi-pro, which isn’t really that different than having phone numbers for some selection of dancers in American topless clubs. I’ve been there and done this. So my question is simple. How do you find / meet semi-pro women? My experience if is if you treat them with common courtesy, they can be quite fun.

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