Workplace romance with Malaysian women: What does that reality look like?

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Yesterday I received several questions from a few Malaysian women who have given me the permission to share these with you today.

  • Is it possible to leverage a Malaysian beauty’s looks and youth to get what she wants at work?

Question 1: Due to the nature of my work, I’ve been hanging out with business tycoons these days. I’d like to attract a rich man during a business lunch or dinner and really want to impress him. What should I do? (Angela K., 26, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Answer: First of all, you must be aware of this fact – those so-called “business tycoons” definitely have many weaknesses, but there is something that you shouldn’t ignore: They are not dumb. Rich men become rich because they are extremely good at calculating pros and cons; otherwise, they wouldn’t become tycoons. Okay?women from Malaysia

If a wealthy man meets a pretty Malaysian stunner who happens to be a great conversationalist, he will be very happy to talk to you. It’s a very pleasant experience. But if you tell him that you would like to have a transaction with him too soon, he will leave as soon as possible!

Please note that not every rich guy is thinking about hustling women into bed. The majority of rich men are over 40 years old. Their sexual performance and desire may disappoint you. Also, most of them are married!

Even though a tycoon wants to have an affair, he is usually looking for two key elements: 1) safety; 2) convenience. Therefore, the safest and most convenient way to have an affair is to sleep with a female employee in his company.

Bill Clinton was the president of the United States. His mistress was an intern (Monica Lewinsky) in the White House. He didn’t fly to Hollywood to pick up an A-list movie star. If he actually went to Hollywood to date a movie star, that should be love rather than an affair.

Every year there are always lots of new female employees who are young and beautiful – they join business tycoons’ organizations regularly. Therefore, there are too many ambitious women who want to use business tycoons for career success, whereas there aren’t enough business tycoons for them!

Are there any Malaysian women who have successfully slept with tycoons and got what they want at work?

The answer is yes. I have seen some of those women from Malaysia. But these women have some important qualities that they share: All of them are very hardworking. All of them are career women with lots of experience in the dating department. All of them are very well-calibrated, know what they need to give or sacrifice in order to get what they want & understand what a transaction is about. Better still, they don’t care what other people are talking about behind their backs.

At a business lunch or dinner, you should sit next to a business tycoon naturally. After a delightful conversation, you give each other your business cards. That is all. A few days later, you should “accidentally” meet him in the coffeehouse near his company. One week later, you should come across him when he is in the gym.pretty Malaysian stunner

Always remember that if the tycoon didn’t offer a transaction, you should never mention it first. All you can do is to give him your resume and ask him to give it to the HR department.

Then, maybe nothing will happen. And that’s very normal.

Please read this sentence carefully: Any transaction has to be mutually beneficial. You need a tycoon, but what are you going to offer him? S*x? A successful tycoon lives in abundance, including sexual abundance – he is not sex-starved! He has many Malaysian beauties in his love life. What else can you offer him?

  • Can a Malaysian girl invest in her education in order to meet successful men who can help her with her career?

Question 2: I’m planning on doing an Executive MBA program in order to meet powerful men and leverage my beauty to join their social circle (I’m happy to sleep with them in order to enter the society). But I’m a bit concerned because if something goes wrong, I might lose a lot. What should I do?(Amy F., 28, George Town, Malaysia)

Answer: Actually, many successful men study Executive MBA in order to network with other successful men. But they aren’t thinking about hooking up with chicks there & they certainly don’t need to use s*x appeal to meet other powerful people. Most Malaysian women who studied Executive MBA also didn’t use their attractiveness to become friends with their male classmates, because they are already well-connected and powerful – they are somebody that their male classmates want to meet.many Malaysian beauties

If you ask a question like this, that probably means you didn’t even do an MBA in the first place. Don’t believe those anecdotes that tell you how a hot girl in Malaysia got a rich guy while doing Executive MBA, so you can do it, too. Please note that a woman like that certainly has something very cool going on in her life already. Before she met that rich man, she was already very experienced, so she wasn’t a naïve girl from Malaysia.

Most men who are doing Executive MBA are married with kids. Very few of them are single men looking for love. Are you ready to be a mistress? Do you want to destroy someone’s marriage and expect him to marry you instead?

Don’t think those anecdotes that you’ve heard are commonplace. Remember: Very few women got rich men via doing Executive MBA. Occasionally, it happens, but it also relies on luck.

Also, those beauties of Malaysia who have successfully got rich men via doing Executive MBA oftentimes tried the same tactics elsewhere on other men. They failed repeatedly and then at last, they have done it! It was hard work!hot girl in Malaysia

In conclusion, if you’d like to build a powerful network via Executive MBA, you must have true power first rather than some s*x appeal. Rich men who are doing Executive MBA can easily get chicks if they want to – they don’t need to pick up girls in the classroom.

As a woman, please don’t think your limited physical asset is an effective weapon in a transaction.

If a tycoon has two options tonight: 1) a business meeting with aVIP that involves an 8-figure project, 2) a pretty woman from Malaysia who is willing to sleep with him, he will definitely choose the first option. Trust me – tycoons become tycoons because they always put their business and money before women.

  • Should an attractive lady from Malaysia sleep with her boss?

Question 3: I’m a good-looking Malaysian girl. My boss is an influential man who wants to sleep with me. He says if I don’t sleep with him, he wouldn’t help me professionally. If I reject him, he would hate me and might even remove me from the industry. If I sleep with him, probably he will show off his “achievement”. Since I’m a pretty Malaysian lady, many powerful men are flirting with me because they know I’m not sleeping with any of them anyway – in the long term, this is bad for my reputation. What should I do? (Betty B., 24, Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Answer: Your boss cares more about his reputation. He doesn’t want anyone else to know what he is up to. Most girls who sleep with their bosses usually expect benefits such as promotion and bonus. What if he doesn’t give it to you even after sleeping with you? Are you going to complain? How about your own reputation?ladies from Malaysia

In summary, if you don’t have real power in the first place and you think sleeping with powerful men is the fast-track to success, sometimes that’s actually the hardest way to get what you want. Sleeping your way to success isn’t for most ladies from Malaysia.

If you still care about your reputation, you should focus on improving yourself and doing your own thing instead of thinking about how to hustle business tycoons into bed so that they will give you benefits.

By the way, if you’d like to learn how to have more power, you may want to read Robert Greene’s book 48 Laws of Power which teaches you exactly what you need to know in this regard. Also, Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction is a very good book which teaches you how to seduce anyone you want.few Malaysian women

Having said that, it doesn’t mean reading books will surely change your life. If reading books can change your life, then many more people must have done it already. In fact, you also need to have other things going on, e.g. meeting the right people and adding real value to others. Helping other people to achieve their goals, so they will want to help you achieve yours as well.

Moreover, you can watch Ginie Sayles’s DVD How the Rich can Make You Rich (a business seminar) if you are keen to meet the rich and become rich.

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