Malaysian Women Dating Site: How to Maintain Healthy Relationships

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At our online dating summit, Angela P., Daily Operations Manager of a popular Malaysian women dating website, has contributed her wisdom to the community. And here is the summary of her contribution:a young Malaysian woman

* The biggest difference between men and women in terms of sexual chemistry is male attraction is predictable whereas female attraction is not. Men are all very visual – a hot woman is hot in Malaysia, the United States and Australia. A hot woman is a hot woman. It’s that simple. However, a hot man is a hot man in some women’s eyes, but he can be unattractive in other women’s eyes. ‘Although we all know that your looks, money and status can help you get girls, these are not the most fundamental reason why a guy can get laid whereas other men can’t,’ says Angela, ‘In fact, the No. 1 factor that determines your attractiveness is your behavior – how you treat yourself, how you behave around others and how others behave around you. Dynamics like that will tell women how attractive you are.’ The key is to show your desire without neediness.

* Communication with honest appreciation is the key to building a healthy relationship. If you tell a Malaysian lady that she is gorgeous simply because you want to have sex with her, she wouldn’t feel flattered because that’s not authentic. False compliments never work in the long term because women have very good intuition. Malaysian beauties will only light up in front of you when you say everything in an authentic way. When you are honest without emotional neediness, you are attractive. Next time when you see a hot girl at a party, tell her that she is beautiful and then walk away. She will keep thinking about you for the rest of the night because you don’t want things from her. Try it and see what happens. (You can easily chat her up again at the end of the party.)a drop-dead beautiful Malaysian woman

* How to treat your Malaysian girlfriend’s friends: While men tend to turn to their girlfriends or wives for social support, women usually turn to their female friends. Therefore, your girlfriend’s female friends are very important to her. Actually, female friends talk about everything, and that’s therapeutic (Think about Sex and the City). In the long term, that’s good for your relationship, so you shouldn’t worry too much about that. But what if your girl from Malaysia has many male friends? Or even worse, what if she has one close male friend? Well, it’s normal for her to have a close male friend, but the danger arises when she starts to complain about her relationship to her male friend. Therefore, you would be well-advised to let your Malaysian girl know that she should directly speak to you whenever there is an issue in your relationship, and tell her not to discuss her relationship problems with her male friends!

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