Is it possible to hook up with random Sri Lankan women?

Sri Lankan girls

I lived in Sri Lanka many years ago and I really loved the lush forest, the warm climate and the friendly people in Sri Lanka. Some of my friends are Sri Lankan women & they have kindly shared their stories, dating experiences and what they have learned.

  • A lot of western men are looking for casual flings in Sri Lanka – most of the time, they won’t get it.

Please note that Sri Lanka is not Thailand. Yes, we all know that many western men have moved to Thailand in order to hook up with Thai girls – that’s very common in Thailand where the mainstream culture is much more open-minded.

However, in Sri Lanka, the attitude towards casual dating is a bit similar to the dating culture in India. In other words, if you are looking for a casual fling, you’d better go elsewhere.

Sara is a Sri Lankan lady who dated a White man last year. She told me that she did it secretly because she didn’t want anyone to know her affair (Hence, Sara isn’t her real name).

“Sri Lanka is a very traditional and conservative Hindu/Buddhist country, so women in Sri Lanka are not looking for western men or any foreign men,” says Sara, “The reason I dated a White guy is because he lives next door and it was very convenient. Nobody knows. He isn’t in my social circle. In fact, people in my life don’t know I talk to my neighbor.”Sri Lankan women

Sara is a gorgeous Sri Lankan beauty – she has long, straight, black hair, dark skin with a natural tan and a petite, slim body with the right boobs and ass. But she chooses to hide her romance with a white man.

Amanda is another Sri Lankan womanwho is actually a fashion model. Because she was born in a privileged family, her upper-class status gives her access to high-profile men. As a matter of fact, she even dated a White from the royal family in a European country.

“Since I attend high-end parties for Colombo Fashion Week regularly, I always meet high-value men there. Frankly, the competition is real at high-end parties like that because almost every woman there is a 9 or a 10,” says Amanda, “I dated several White men and one of them is very high-profile, so I can’t tell you who he is. But what I can tell you is most western men looking for casual flings in Sri Lanka can’t get what they want, as most Sri Lankan ladies are unwilling to try that.”

Amanda is right – even if a small group of Sri Lankan beauties are willing to have casual flings with western men, they want to keep their casual relationships confidential. That means it’s tough to hook up with girls in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, if you are a western man looking for a casual hookup in Sri Lanka, you are probably making a mistake because chances are you are wasting your time.

Paul is a New Zealander who is married to a Sri Lankan wife. He says hooking up with random chicks in Sri Lanka is too difficult, but marrying a Sri Lankan bride is possible.

“If you are looking to hook up with a random girl in Sri Lanka or India, you are wasting your energy. You’d better do something else! As a matter of fact, I went to Sri Lanka to look for a genuine relationship, so I found my wife in Sri Lanka,” says Paul, “I know I’m very lucky because not every western man can do this.”

  • Assuming Sri Lankan girls like White men is a mistake.

Another common mistake made by western men is they assume ladies in Sri Lanka like White men. This is just wrong.

If you approach random women in Sri Lanka, they might be scared because most of them don’t want to talk to random strangers for safety reasons, which is understandable.

Please note that while talking to a stranger (especially a man), a woman automatically has fear in the first place, as she is thinking… “What exactly does this guy want?” This is normal no matter you are in Sri Lanka or not, but this is especially true in Sri Lanka.

Well, the opposite is also true: Today I read a news article on an Australian website which says approaching women in Melbourne is sexual harassment, meaning you also can’t approach western women either. They might call the police! But apparently, the western culture is a bit like the opposite of the Sri Lankan or Indian culture. Yet the outcome is very similar in this day and age.Sri Lankan older women

It seems that SJWs are making it harder for western men to connect with western women. No wonder a growing number of western men are going to other countries in order to meet women.

Note that most Sri Lankan beauties want to marry Sri Lankan men, yet a small number of them may want to date White men for fun – but it’s usually done secretly.

Jake is a German guy who dated a woman from Sri Lanka. His comments are very interesting.

“I think Sri Lanka is a wonderful country. It’s just a sanitized and wealthier version of India. There are more and more tourists coming to Sri Lanka every year because they really like the nature, the beach and the people there,” says Jake, “I was dating a Sri Lankan girl when I was living in Sri Lanka. It was a secret relationship because nobody in her social circle knew it. It was hard work as I was competing with Sri Lankan men who were more willing to give her better value such as giving her a real relationship rather than a fling.”

  • Assuming Sri Lankan women and Indian women operate in the same way is also a mistake.

Although many Sri Lankan girls look like Indian girls, it doesn’t mean they operate in the same way. In reality, girls in Sri Lanka are more receptive than girls in India.

First of all, if you go to the capital of Sri Lanka, you will notice that there is a large number of very rich Sri Lankan stunners whose fathers are in the military of the government. These women are very open-minded and sexually liberated.

This is very different from what you see in western countries. In western countries, rich women usually have fewer sexual encounters, whereas lower-class women tend to have more sexual encounters. But in Sri Lanka, upper-class girls are much more likely to sleep with a lot of men than lower-class girls do.Sri Lankan couple

Nevertheless, it is said that upper-class women in India don’t sleep around.

Having said that, how likely are you going to penetrate the upper-class society and enter those hot women’s honeypots? The chance is very small unless your status is very high.

If you visit Colombo, you might notice that there are many couples making out in parks and gardens in public, but you will never see that in India. Therefore, it’s possible that Sri Lanka is more westernized than India.

You might have a sexual encounter with a rich girl in Colombo if you are lucky in a hotel or club. But that’s less likely to happen in India where there are “ladies’ nights” in many bars.

  • Completing giving it up in Sri Lanka is a mistake as well.

Though I have mentioned that it is extremely difficult to hook up with ladies in Sri Lanka, you can get lucky if you are happy to date older women there.

It is reported that older widows are happy to date foreigners because they are lonely, bored and horny.

In fact, some White men have done that repeatedly in Sri Lanka recently. All of them hooked up with lonely widows in their 40s in Colombo.

Hence, you don’t need to give it up completely. You can do it in Sri Lanka if you are a fan of older women there.

But it doesn’t mean those older women are like sugar mommas in western countries. If you show me a sugar momma in Sri Lanka, I will show you a unicorn.

That means older widows in Sri Lanka are not looking for toy boys and most of them aren’t wealthy. (Again, wealthy beauties in Sri Lanka have access to many hot men, so they wouldn’t be lonely, bored or horny.)

So, if you don’t want to be a male sugar baby and you want to date older beauties from Sri Lanka, you should still consider honing your day game skills there.

  • Talking about the hookup culture in Sri Lanka is a mistake, too.

I understand that you want to talk about the hookup culture or anything related to hookup when your goal is to hook up with a Sri Lanka stunner. But please be quiet.

Yes, you can talk about what you are up to with your close friends who definitely won’t judge you. But you should never talk about your sexual desire with people in Sri Lanka. They just won’t like it.

If you talk about the fact that there are some sluts in their country, people in Sri Lanka will be very angry because it’s a taboo topic in their culture. So, just don’t do it!

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