How to Attract Malaysian Women: Deconstructing Attractive Men’s Body Language

Malaysian ladies

I’ve met many attractive men in Malaysia – they are able to get hot Malaysian girls. I observed these hot men’s attractive behavior carefully, so I’m going to summarize their secrets today.

  • Flooding smile (hot guy Chris’s secret sauce when it comes to attracting Malaysian women):

When Chris smiles at a woman, here are the steps (I’m breaking it down in slow motion, so you’ll have a good understanding of how & why it works):

First, Chris looks at a woman in her eyes, and pauses.  Then, his smile starts from his lips, and gradually goes to his cheeks.  Next, the smile goes to his eyes.  Lastly, the smile is spreading on his entire face like a flood.

The final step probably should be this: the Malaysian woman in front of him melts.lot of Malaysian women

  • Lip game (sexy guy Andrew’s secret weapon in terms of getting Malaysian girls):

Andrew is a YouTube star who lives in Malaysia. In many of Andrew’s earlier videos which were made between 2008 and 2012 (he still has kept two accounts on YouTube & the first account has more of his previous videos, but I’m not sure whether he has deleted some of his videos that were recorded by himself), he does two things very often when he was younger (in the majority of his videos back then):

  1. At the end of each video, he bites his lower lip and tilts his head to press the “stop” button on the camera. The “tilting his head” technique makes “biting his lower lip” technique even sexier.
  2. He wears V-neck T-shirts very frequently – Apparently, that makes a guy more attractive.
  • Misdirection (alluring man Jake’s seduction technique which gets him hot Malaysian girls):

In a group gathering (e.g., a party) and there is a woman standing next to Jake, Jake puts his hand on this woman’s back while projecting his energy towards another group (talking to someone else in front of him).  In this way, this woman next to him feels more connected to him because of this subtle physical contact.  This technique is called misdirection.How to Attract Malaysian Women

  • Sticky eyes (sexy guy Garry’s strategy which is also known as “bedroom eyes”):

Garry is a popular public speaker in Malaysia. When Garry is on stage and answering a Malaysian woman’s question, he looks at this woman’s eyes all the time.  Before he is about to end the talk, his body language indicates that he is going to leave the conversation first (he changes the direction of his feet and the focus of his body), and then gradually he ends his eye contact with this woman.  In other words, there seems to be some hot toffee between his eyes and this woman’s eyes.  This technique makes this woman feel like she is the only person in the room.

Hopefully this clarifies some mystery and helps you in your future communication with Malaysian women you are interested in.

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In Malaysia, there are many rich men who have money and status, so if you are keen to attract high-quality Malaysian ladies, you probably should have some of those traits. Are you ready to become a rich and successful man?

Now I’d like to introduce some ways to create residual, passive, or recurring income. Are you excited?

There are certainly hundreds of examples of those who have created financial success using some of these methods. Yet you should figure out which one works for Malaysian girls

#1: Intellectual property:

If you are a well-educated and intelligent guy, this is a practical way to get started. There are many ways to do it, e.g. creating digital products and online courses, creating physical products which can be sold on the Internet, recording albums (Do you know that Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones still get paid today because of what they did during their Savage Garden days?), publishing books or writing and selling songs.

  1. Digital products – For example, Rich Hanson, a psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, creates digital courses that he sells on the Internet in order to leverage himself so that he isn’t trading hours for dollars. He records videos once to create a course and then he can sell it an infinite number of times. That is a perfect example of making recurring income through selling digital products online. If this is something that you can do, you will be able to run your business from anywhere in the world. However, you must build a following on the Internet so as to monetize your audience. That means you must study Internet marketing in the first place and be ready to nurture your audience any time. Also, your product has to be great in order to make this business work.
  2. Physical products – I know several artists who create beautiful jewelry at home and sell their products online. One of them told me that he makes US$70,000 a year from this gig alone. Usually, this type of business won’t make you a millionaire, but you can make a reasonable income by doing something you love if that’s your thing.
  3. Publishing books – If you have a way to sell books, you can consider writing a book. For instance, maybe you have good connections in the education industry, meaning someone powerful can tell all students in an entire school to buy your book – in that case, you can write and publish books (if you can’t get a publisher to sign a contract with you, you may publish it by yourself). But if you don’t have the right connections, then you probably shouldn’t write a book, because writing a book won’t make you money unless your book is Harry Potter. Most books only sell about 300 copies in total. Sad but true.communication with Malaysian women

#2. Investing:

A lot of Malaysian women love investing. I remember several years ago my housemate was a Malaysian girl who likes reading books about investing.

You may invest in paper assets such as bonds and stocks, real estate or businesses to get your money to work for you rather than you working for your money.

Investing is a good way to grow money that you already have. You may put your money in real estate or a stock or in a start-up. Then you just wait for it to grow as the market improves or as the start-up grows.

Nevertheless, it takes money to make money in this case. Without investment capital, you can’t even get started. Nowadays Daniel Jones is investing in real estate in Las Vegas. If he didn’t have money in the first place, he wouldn’t be able to invest in real estate today. Thanks to his passive and recurring income from two albums (Savage Garden and Affirmation), Daniel Jones is a successful investor now.And he is married to a very hot Asian woman.


Many Malaysian women are savvy, smart and sexy. They are attracted to high-value men who either demonstrate attractive behavior or are seriously rich.

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  • Malaysian Dating: Malaysian women are popularly known as Malaysia Singles. They are young, beautiful and full of life. They love all things that men like – great taste in food, scented candles, expensive things and of course, a lot of sex.

  • These women are all about sex and they won’t mind if you join in on the fun. Many people who are Malaysian Singles are making their own dating profiles on the internet. They have a profile on social-networking sites such as Facebook and there is a certain rate they want to pay for a date. These are not like the normal dating profiles where men will post pictures of themselves with girls and the girls will post their own pictures with the guys.

  • These women are very well educated and have worked their way up to the upper class in Malaysia. They take care of themselves and feel good about the kind of life they lead.

  • There are many guys looking for fun, something to spice up their lives and sexy photographs of their partners. But that is not enough to lure these girls into their bed. In fact, a man has to be willing to spend time with them, support them financially and treat them well.

  • Malaysian Women like a significant number of men. There are thousands of single men seeking relationships with these amazing women. There are many more Malaysian women in their twenties looking for men. They can have the same career, the same money and the same taste in food as the women who are older.

  • All you have to do is make a choice – you can choose to spend a night with a young man or a couple. The difference is in the levels of happiness that a woman will experience when meeting a younger man. She will be more energetic and she will be in great physical shape. She will also be more adventurous.

  • Although you may think that the higher the age of the person you are dating is going to hurt your chances of finding a partner, this is not the case. A young man will not know any better. He is just trying to meet someone new and he probably thinks that it will be fun. Plus, it’s easier for him to meet a woman he finds attractive than to try to find someone with whom he feels comfortable around.

  • Dating is a wonderful way to meet a person. It’s even better if you are dating a woman from Malaysia. The girls from this part of the world are very sexy and friendly.

  • They don’t all wear western clothes and they don’t all live in mansions with Mr. Mani Puri. Some of them can’t afford it and still love the idea of getting some tan or an exercise routine. Most of them are not rich but they are very attractive and they love the beach and all the water sports.

  • Dating with women from Malaysia is different. You can have a great time and you will be able to meet a lot of people who share your interests and beliefs.

  • There are many young men from this part of the world who are absolutely crazy about these women. They know that their life will change if they spend some time with them and learn to respect them as a woman in a relationship.

  • If you decide to date women from Malaysia, you should not believe all the hype that you hear about Malaysia dating websites. Choose only those sites that will be a good fit for you.

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