How to Become a Hot Woman’s Sex God

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If you are an ambitious man looking for the hottest woman in the world, then this article is for you because it will help you to keep hot women – now I’m going to show you how to become her sex god.

Whenever a hot woman shares her sexual thoughts with you, listen carefully. Do not tease her or laugh at her!a couple starting sex

Interestingly, the most important sex advice for men is not about tactics that you should do in bed. The most important sex advice for men is what you do before you go to bed with a hot girl. It’s psychological. When your attractive girlfriend says, “I’m even turned on by the sunset. This scenery looks so erotic.” Do not laugh at her! Do not tease her! Now you should pay attention to her and carefully listen to what she is talking about, and then figure out what you can learn from that. What your sexy girlfriend says means her sexuality is contextual – she can be turned on by unexpected things: maybe it’s the sunset; maybe it’s a flower. As a matter of fact, some women can even have orgasms by rubbing their earlobes. If you tease her or laugh at her when she shares her sexual secrets with you, she won’t tell you anything about that area again in the future because she doesn’t feel safe with you. In the long term, she may leave you because she probably can’t feel sexually satisfied – you don’t even want to listen to what she wants sexually!

Read women’s literature.

This suggestion sounds bizarre, right? But smart men know how to get into a hot woman’s head. Reading women’s literature helps you understand female psychology quickly because women’s literature is about what women want to enjoy! Consequently, books such as Gone with the Wind and Fifty Shades of Grey are the ultimate cheat sheet if you want to date hot women – women read these books because they are fantasizing about attractive men in those novels: Ashley Wilkes is a high-value guy who has his own hobbies and interests without caring what Scarlett O’Hara is thinking about. That’s why Scarlett is crazy about him. In fact, Scarlett feels that every man is interested in her (because other men all show their strong interest in Scarlett), but she is not sure whether Ashley likes her or not, so she is very attracted to Ashley! Christian Grey is another high-value guy – a young and handsome billionaire who knows what women want in the bedroom. He is the dominant alpha male that all women secretly fantasize about because women love that “enjoyable and helpless” feeling in bed.

Smart men know how to get into a hot woman’s head

Communicate with her and listen to her feedback man

If your hot girlfriend told you that she wants XYZ in the bedroom and doesn’t like ABC that you do in bed, you actually shouldn’t disagree with her. But if you genuinely disagree with her, then I’m 100% sure that she is not the right woman for you because the right woman and you have to be sexually compatible. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work in the long term. When your hot girl says she wants XYZ, don’t judge her or criticize her. Just assess the situation and see if you can do that or not. When your sexy girlfriend says she doesn’t like ABC that you do in the bedroom, don’t blame her. She is just being honest with you, which is something that you should be grateful for because many women don’t even talk about sex with their men. In fact, your hot girlfriend is constantly showing you how to keep her, so you should appreciate her feedback and see how you can improve your relationship with her. Sometimes, you can find out what she likes and dislikes according to her reaction in bed. When does she moan louder? What are you doing at that moment? Notice that and do it more often in the future. When does she become dry? What is happening at that moment? Also take notes and avoid doing it next time.

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