Five Things To Know About Dating Finnish Women

Five Things To Know About Dating Finnish Women

Dating Finnish women can be compared to dating German women because of certain similarities in the mindset of these European ladies. For example, Finnish ladies are also feminists who will seek (and fight!) for equality at all costs, which means that they won’t put up with a man who’s trying to diminish their value.

However, dating Finnish women requires its very own skills and overall knowledge. From how to get a Finnish girl to take you seriously to a list of things to avoid if you don’t want to make her run away, this post will be your guide to succeed at dating Finnish women. Are you ready? Scroll down to start reading!

What to Know About Dating Finnish Women

1) Finnish women are, for the most part, quiet and cold when you first meet them. They are extremely guarded about their personal space and how much of themselves they share with the rest of the world. If you’re just getting to know a Finnish woman, keep physical contact to a minimum. A handshake should be fine, but please ask if she’s okay with it first. Also, don’t expect them to tell you the story of their lives on a first date unless they really like you. Your questions should revolve around her occupation, studies, and cultural things, so she doesn’t feel like she’s under investigation.

Five Things To Know About Dating Finnish Women

2) Finnish women tell it like it is. Are you tired of women who like to play games? Then, you’ll find Finnish girls refreshing. Whether positive or negative, these ladies don’t hesitate to let you know what’s on their mind. Furthermore, they don’t really do small talk, but they will still be polite during your first conversations with them.

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“A man who doesn’t have a stable job, goals or ambitions will not cut it with Finnish women”

3) Finnish women like to party. Regardless of how distant she may seem at first (see point one), once you’ve gotten a Finnish lady’s interest, you’ll meet her fun, outgoing side. These girls love to dance, party and drink whenever they get chance, and they probably know how to handle their liquor well, too. You’ll need to able to keep up with her and her friends, so try not to show off by drinking too fast, that won’t end nicely for you. Asking her out for a beer is always a good idea for a date, but don’t you dare to be late because that will send the wrong message, making her think that you don’t value her time.

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4) Women from Finland are educated. Most of them have careers and work in important positions. As a result, a man who doesn’t have a stable job, goals or ambitions will not cut it with Finnish ladies. Show her, with confidence, that you know what you want in life and are not afraid to go and get it if you want your Finnish girl to fall in love with you. Also, don’t think that she’s the kind of woman that will become a housewife because it’s very likely that she won’t abandon her goals anytime soon.

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5) Finnish women value their space. If you are too clingy, she’ll be running away in the blink of an eye. This is also a good thing because she will be understanding about your time, occupation and hobbies. She won’t ask too many questions or text you all day to see what you are doing, and she will expect the same in return. While she does want some of your attention, she will feel suffocated if you try to be every second of the day with her, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Let things take its course naturally.

Do you feel prepared to date Finnish women now? Let us know in the comments!

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